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By: Honor Ford

Honor Ford

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Poverty

African Poverty By: Honor Ford How does poverty sound to the unexpecting ear? Dark and uninviting? Table of Contents Education Housing Jobs Introduction It should Poverty is. . . Effecting so many people Only way to change that is. . . Education Stay home to help families Horrible that poverty happens to children Given the money and the materials. . . Children deserve to go to school. . . Jobs Housing Jobs are like. . . Most adults in Africa don't have. . . They are the ones. . . If adults know how important jobs are. . . Conclusion Like dominoes. . . Living on the streets. . . Picture Citations http://moourl.com/igiai http://www.words-sounds-images.com/images/images-issues/African_Education-2_350.jpg http://www.missionariesofafrica.org/articles/sr/myimages/Your-donations-help-allevia.jpg Evicted from homes because of. . . We can help them. . . Many things happening to people. . . This can happen in. . . In education. . . In jobs. . . And in housing. . . How does poverty effect Africans?
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