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Hyperlite B-Side


mitch meiss

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Hyperlite B-Side

Hyperlite B-Side Has been Re-Designed from the bottem up Blended 3 Stage rocker The B-Side carries more speed into the wake than every before molded in, ABS, polymer fins that end about one inch off the edge of the board

creating an ..

extreme amount of pop off the wake while still maintaing an insanely smoth ride Elevated foot pad, made to reinfoce the rocker line off the wake,

but at the same time

the nose and tail of the board are thined out to let the rider have much more control over weight shifting (spins) and on rails. Clear UV finish Biolite core Monocoque construction Defination: A construction technique that utilises the outer skin to support some or most of the load. Shapped by Butch with JD Webb incorporating all of his favorite board elements into it shallow molded fins, placed close to the boards edge make for ..

a responsive ride but still won't get hung up when you release off the wake Combining the top and bottem glass into one, creating a more durable board on side impacts which prevents side delamination Layered glass, not woven comes in 3 sizes by mitch meiss
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