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Creating a Fantasy Setting

No description

Amanda Etienne

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Fantasy Setting

Creating a Fantasy Setting
Real World
Personal Experience
Good Vs. EVIL
Mines of MOria
What does the part of the world that has been touched by "Evil" look like?
Effects of Evil in Real world
Effects of good in real world?
Tears, Pain
Obstacles for your Quest
Start by....
1. Researching countries and cultures
2. Choose two or three that you want to incorporate
3. Lay out the specifics
Don't Forget:
When in the world?

Google Earth
Setting fuels the drive to write
and directs the story
". . . place is a definer and a confiner of what I'm doing . . . It saves me. Why, you couldn't write a story that happened nowhere." Eudora Welty
Every experience is unique
Connecting reality and fantasy on a deeper level
What's made your own life different?
Professional Pictures
Sam and Frodo
High vs. Low Fantasy
Real-World Stories
Aslan's Country
- "High" is more "epic," either:
- set entirely in an imaginary world (Zelda, LOTR)
- parallel world (Alice in Wonderland, Oz, Narnia)
- world-within-a-world (Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Spiderwick Chronicles), more "epic"

- "Low" is the unreal happening in the real world
- The Green Mile
- The Indian in the Cupboard
- The Borrowers
- I Dream of Jeanie
- Supernatural
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- These paths can be crossed: Neverending Story, Narnia
Great Fantasy Starts Here
Countless Places to begin
Look at what there is and dream of what could be
Can you make us believe in your world as much
we would rely on a real Map?
Research Reality
Be Inspired
Create things in your setting to "Get in the Way"
Alice in Wonderland
make the "good" and the "bad" very clear for your audience
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