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Exploring the NC Professional Teaching Standards for School Library Media Coordinators

jennifer lagarde

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of NCPTS: SLMC

Exploring the NC Professional Teaching Standards for
School Library Media Coordinators Your Professional Journey Leadership Reflective Practitioner Standard 6
Provide PD at school, AND/OR district, state, national levels.
Guide teacher in the selection of instructional materials and digital tools.
Participates in Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)
Assume leadership roles on school/district committees Physical Spaces:
Safe, Accessible and Welcoming
Promote 4 Cs
Promote Global Literacy and Cultural Awareness
Learning Environment:
Promotes 4 Cs
Promotes Global Literacy and Cultural Awareness Meets the Needs of All Students Collection Development Plan:
Aligned with Common Core Standards
Collaboratively Developed
Responsive to Student Data
Promotes Flexible Scheduling
Ensures Flexible Access 21st Century Program Facilitator Create and deliver CCSS/ITES rich instruction.
Collaborate with teachers to create CCSS/ITES rich instruction.
Reading Expert and Advocate
Use a variety of instructional strategies
Differentiate instruction based on student data. Pedagogical Expert Collect and share LMS data to improve library programs.
Analyze student achievement data.
Know and create your own research on library impact.
Continually assess impact of library programs on student growth. Leadership Meets The Needs
of All Students 21st Century
Program Facilitator Pedagogical Expert Reflective
Practitioner School Library
Media Coordinators “The demands of providing a 21st century education dictate new roles for School Library Media Coordinators.” – NCPTS Student Growth Portfolio Reading = Foundational Skill 5 Minute Updates Share Your Successes House Bill 44 House Bill 23 Collaboration
Critical Thinking Maker Spaces Inquiry/Problem Based Learning Stations/Centers Google Maps Literacy Model for Librarians http://bit.ly/XdorMb Creative Cataloging CCSS/ITES Standards Google Docs Students not Stuff http://bit.ly/XI8mcl http://bit.ly/XI8Ejp Direct Instruction
Instructional Support
Personal Interaction #1 http://bit.ly/XdtJY0 #2 http://bit.ly/XIbzbS http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=441748
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