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EVA Benitez

No description

Teigan Shrewsbury

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of EVA Benitez

Eva Benitez
Eva's beginning
Eva is a 14 year old girl.
When she was six she was waiting out side the door for her school bus when her neighbor was killed by white men.
And there was white police men that came too her door and arrested her dad.
Now she goes to a school that divides all races. The Latinos, the china town, the ghetto, and the white kid.
And her white teacher mrs.gruwell which doesn't help the fact that Eva doesn't like white people.
Eva later
Eva was in school and she still doesn't like Mrs.Gruwell. But mrs.Gruwell decided to give the whole class a journal she tells the class that they don't need to share the journal with her but if they want they put it in the cabinet.
Later on the start being okay to each other but they still fight.
But when a kid from her class asks if he could read his journal.
There was a black man that went into the latino's territory they got into a war the owner of the store got killed. So Eva asked for a trial. She was very nervous cause if she told the truth it could be very dangerous but if she lied then she would be protecting her gang. She told the truth and she said Paco did it. She told the truth and she feels much better. But she could be in danger.

later on Eva and her class mates that Mrs.Gruwell can't teach them when they get into there senior year of high school.
Everybody is very disappointed and they ask Mrs.Gruwell is she can stay with her.
Mrs.Gruwell ask and asks but still no.
Then she asks one more time and they say yes!
everyone has a party.

Eva lives with a happy ending from beginning it was rough then middle of the story it becomes a little easier then at the end everyone is happy.
:)Thanks for watching(:
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