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Catcher in the Rye ARCHETYPES 2013

No description

Olivia Bobek

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Catcher in the Rye ARCHETYPES 2013

Catcher In The Rye

The Ages
God Teacher
Loss of Innocence
The Flood
By J.D. Salinger
Phoebe Caulfield, Holden's ten-year-old sister, is a God teacher to Holden guiding him through life. Throughout this novel Holden encounters many characters. Most of theses people Holden finds annoying or vice versa . Often this results in a fight, debate, and or annoy him but the one person he can rely on to listen to his dilemmas is Phoebe. She tries her hardest to not judge him and give him the best advice. Phoebe supports Holden throughout all his adventures. For example, when Holden was planning to move west Phoebe said she would go with him giving up her life to better his. A God teachers is a benevolent person who gives a gift of some sort to the protagonist. Here, Phoebe gives Holden multiple gifts, such as, unconditional love, her Christmas money, and hope. She continuously tells Holden that everything will turn out fine and not to loose faith. Phoebe shows Holden that there is light at the end of the tunnel when he is feeling depressed and suicidal.
This novel sheds light on a different way of viewing the end of innocence archetype. Loss of innocence is portrayed as a good event in this story because of Holdens struggle with it. Holden's goal in the novel is to be " the catcher in the rye" and save kids from falling off the cliff and overall losing their innocence. But later in the story, he realizes children must be able to take their own risks in order to grow and mature. This is compared to with a carousel when a child reaches out for a gold ring, symbolizing the Golden Age, they are taking a risk. Ultimately, children must lose their innocence in order to experience corruption, and then return back to the golden age.
Also, in Holden's eyes there are many phonies in the world, but in reality he views them this way because they are adults. He struggles with the reality of losing this sense of purity so when he sees people who have lost their innocence he looks down on them for that reason. Jane Gallagher is also a main symbol of innocence in the novel. As Holden tells us he loves Jane's presence and doing naive activities with her; such as, playing checkers and holding hands. And so when Stradlater goes on a date with Jane, Holden becomes very irritated at the thought that he might have corrupted her. When Holden sees this potential end of innocence for Jane he picks a fist fight.
Holden loves to spend time with his younger sister Phoebe. To him Phoebe is so naive in a sense that she is perfect at everything she attempts in comparison to himself. He refers to her in his darkest hours to shown him the goodness and innocence that he craves to see. Over all, innocence is a major theme in the novel which effects Holden in many ways even though he lacks a sense of innocence and purity only seeing the negatives in life and all the corruption that surrounds him.
In any great story the marvelous archetypes
are woven in to create depth and an intriguing
plot line.
Toward the end of the novel, Holden realizes that all children must eventually grow up. His goal is to be "the catcher in the rye" and save children who play in the rye but approach the cliff. All children, including Phoebe, must eventually take their own risks even if they may fail it is an essential part of growing up.
The Human Year
This story is set at Christmas time, a time of year where there is a great abundance of cheer and joy. Usually Christmas trees make people gleeful but when Holden sees a Christmas tree he becomes irritated by its "phoniness".
In the story Holden's Golden Age is originally when Allie is alive and he is a content child living at home with his family, including D.B. His return to the Golden Age is at the end of the novel when he is watching Phoebe spin around the carousel with his Red Hunting Hat that she returns back to him. This hat protects him from the rain as Phoebe does in his times of need. He now wishes he had not told so many people about his story because it makes him miss the people in it.
Golden Age
Silver Age
The Silver Age, is the period in time that Holden starts to fail all his classes. He also loses all self drive to succeed. At Pency Prep he fails four out of his five classes because of a lack of commitment and effort due to his inferiority complex.
Bronze Age
During the Bronze Age, Holden is exploring the city of New York and is constantly feeling depressed. We frequently see Holden smoking and or drinking alcohol due to his sadness. It is also the time when Holden is on a fatal date with Sally Hayes. He whines to her about everything he hates making her feel very uncomfortable. Then Holden asks her to run away with him to a cabin in New England; however she refuses and asks him to quiet down. Finally, he insults her causing her to cry and ultimately leave.
Iron Age
At this point in the story Holden frantically left Mr. Anotoli's house after thinking he did something perverted to him while he slept. That night he slept at the train station and wondered around with barely any money left. He then encounters Phoebe and tells her of his plans on moving west.
At the Metropolitan Museum of Art Holden meets Phoebe to tell her some important news. As it is Holden has no place to stay in the city, so he
decides he is going to move. His plan is to move out west and work anywhere
that will take him. When Phoebe hears of this news she becomes very upset
and begins to cry. She begs him to take her with along, she even brought her belongings with her.
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