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04.05 What Didn't You Say?

No description

Monica Salvador

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of 04.05 What Didn't You Say?

04.05 What Didn't You Say?
Open Nonverbal Cues
This lady looks inviting. The impression she is giving me is that she is willing to talk to me and have a nice conversation with me. I know this just by looking at her because she looking right at me with a smile, looking relaxed
What to do?
I start a conversation with this person by looking like I want to having a conversation with this man. I'm going to have to start a conversation and be very funny just so he could wake up, just a little more.
Closed Nonverbal Cues
This man looks tired. The impression that he is sleepy and is in no mood to talk since he's so sleepy. I can tell he is sleepy because of the way his eyes are closed due to his yawn.
The man is willing talk & introduce himself to other people. The women is more self reserved.
(victor was starting his new job and was sent to talk to the secretary)
Victor: Hello, I'm new here (says cheerfully, puts his hand out for her to shake.)
(She looks up stiffly)Casey: Hi (she says with a tight look on her face and shakes his hand)
Victor : Where do I start on my first day here. (he says excitedly)
Casey : Oh yes follow me. (she stand up her shoulders hunched and the papers to her chest)
(he followed obediently )
Victor: okay.
Casey: Okay, work the printer then come back to me with the copies. (Walks out with her arm crossed)
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