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monita hadweh

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Book

The Face On The Milk Carton This heart warming book was written by Caroline B. Cooney.
This book has more than one genre. Some of the genre's are Speculative fiction,fantacy,fiction,and young adult literature. Caroline wrote many more books . Her parents got devorced whe she was little. She went back and forth to eachother. So, she had two home's. In this book she's like the main character because the main character went back and forth to two homes like her.Caroline Cooney was born in Geneva, NY and grew up in
Old Greenwich, CT. She is an American author of suspense, romance, horror, and mystery books for young adults. She currently lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina.Cooney's books have received several honors, including an IRA–CBC Children's Choice and being named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults.
Most recently Cooney's Diamonds in the Shadow was named a 2008 ALA/YALSA Quick Pick and was a nominee for the Edgar Allan Poe Award. The main character is Janie. Some of the settings are New Jersey, High school, coneticut, and college. Main Character/
Settings This book is about a girl named Janie. One day she picked up a milk carton and it said a name close to her name. Janie had been thinking her parents kidnapped her before she saw the milk carton. One day she asked her parents all these questions like why don't I have any baby pictures or a birth certificate, so they told her that they were her grandparents not her parents. Janie's real mother Hannah left her with them when she was little because she was caught up in a cult plus she had been running from them and wanted to go back. The information they gave her wasn't enuogh and Janie knew there was more to her story because she had been having memories about her real family. One day her and Reeve drove to New Jersey and looked up Springs. There was no Hannah, but there was a Springs. Later on in the story she was learning more and more and found out that Hannah had kidnapped her because she was lonely, left Janie with her mother and father,there for them to raise Janie as ther own. Summary Exposition- Janie sees hrself on the milk carton.

Rising action - She starts to investigate and finds something.

Climax- Janie finds that she was kidnaped and the people she nlives with are not her real family.So she finds her real family and starts to liove with them.

Falling action- Janie wants to go back to her old family the ones who kidnaped her but she also wants to stay with her new family.

Resolution- Janie figures out a plan so she can be with both of them. Pyrimad The issue in the book is that Janie now has two families and doesn't know which one to live with. Issues The theme or life lesson for this book is never judge a book by it's cover. For Janie she thought her parents were going to be evil but it turns out that Janie really like's them. Theme/
Life Lesson I would recomend this book to everyone because this book was every intersting. It left me hanging at the end of each chapter. Caroline B. Cooney Janie
Janie's Boyfriend
Hannah's Parents Characters
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