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Flexi Week Two

No description

Peter Maslin

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Flexi Week Two

Flexi Week Two By the end of this week you
should have. Coursework path Read the article "What it means to be human" by John Norsworthy and view the accompanying PowerPoint if you wish.

Think about do John's ideas reflect my personal view of humanity.
What do I agree or disagree about the ideas that he presents.

This article has been included to make you think and hopefully includes some perspectives that will make want to critique, react and think about your perspective. Stage One: Norsworthy Forum Take some time to reflect on what you really consider
about humanity. Who are we? Why are we here? What is our problem? How do we fix it? What is our relationship to the world around us? are some questions to consider.

Think back to some of the worldview readings as they may have some helpful perspectives in them. (they are in a file attached to this week if you need them) Stage Two: What do you think? Complete the second forum. Using the ideas you have reflected on develop your own definition on what it means to be human. Use information from the readings, Bible and your own research to back your perspective up.

Then go a step further and explain how your perspective will make you look at the students in your classroom and how this will influence the way you teach. Stage Three: What it means to be Human forum? 1. Read Norsworthys article
2. Reflected on what it means to be Human and
considered how it will influence your approach to students and teaching
3. Completed two forums
4. Commented, considered or critiqued at least one other discussion
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