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top nfl players nfl football tackles greatest moment greatest players

angel kingdom

on 28 September 2010

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Transcript of 10 BEST NFL LEGENDS

#3 JOE MONTANA #4 WALTER PAYTON #5 LAWRENCE TAYLOR #6 JOHNNY UNITAS #7 JOHN ELWAY DICK BUTKUS #8 #9 REGGIE WHITE #10 SAMMY BOUGH he rushed for 12,312 yards. His 5.2-yard average remains the best among the game's top 20 all-time rushers. NFL records in touchdowns (205), receptions (1,519) and receiving yards (22,466). Montana might not have been the prototypical quarterback, but he found ways to win and was arguably the best fourth-quarter quarterback in the history of the game. a guy who could rip through linebackers but also avoid taking the tough hit with subtle and deft cuts. He carried 3,838 times in his career and there were probably only a handful of attempts where he didn't finish the run, or bleed every ounce of yardage possible out of the hole he was provided.
He recorded 132.5 career sacks in 13 seasons with the New York Giants He was a 6-foot-3, 250-pound outside linebacker with scintillating speed and power. Long before Joe Montana, he was the master of the two-minute drill, and his performance in the 1958 overtime NFL title game remains legendary. Had a great feel for reading defenses, for when to go up top with the long ball, when to audible out of a play. Most Total Offensive Yards: 54,882 yards (51,475 passing, 3,407 rushing)
Most Total Touchdowns: 334 (300 passing, 33 rushing, 1 receiving)
Most Total Plays: 8,027
Winning Percentage: .643 (148–82–1)
Most Career Passing Yards: 51,475
Most Career Completions: 4,123
Most Career Attempts: 7,250
Most Touchdown Passes: 300 1970 with 132 tackles, 84 assists, 3 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries In 1993, after recording 124 sacks in 121 games over eight seasons in Philadelphia He played college football for the Horned Frogs at Texas Christian University, where he was a two-time All-American. He then played in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins from 1937 to 1952. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the 17-member charter class of 1963.
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