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Timor- Leste

No description

Crystal Woo

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Timor- Leste

Export Partners
The top 5 export partner of Timor Leste are:
-Singapore (37%)
-South Korea (30%)
-Germany (15%)
-Japan (11%)
-China (1.3%)
The product that Timor Leste export are
-Petroleum Gas
-Crude Petroleum
-Excavation Machinery

Sea transport
-The main port in Dili
-Can accommodate two large ships.
-previously served a lesser role
Land transport
- Operate in the city area
-Buses are usually small van
-9–15 seats

Economic Growth of Timor-Leste
Bank deposit of Timor-Leste has grew by 10.5%
Main income - petroleum
GDP growth

- Gross Domestic Production Growth
- is a system that used to indicate the economic rate of country
Food and transport costs increase 16.3% and 11.3%
- Asian Development Outlook
- is a series of annual economic reports on the developing member countries

The official currency of Timor-Leste is the United States dollar, which is legal tender for all payments made in cash.
East Timor does not yet issue its own banknotes.
The centavos are equivalent in value to the United States cents, the conversion rate being 100 Timor centavos equal 100 United States cents.

Timor- Leste
1) Crystal Woo Tjin Tjin
2) Foo Hong Jie
3) Wong Kah Yee
4) Jang U Heon
5) Lee Lin Jeck
6) Yen Soo Shin
7) Eu Chern Khai
8) Yong Zi Qiaa
9) Chew Jun Yi
10) Lim King Siong
11) How Huai Kar
Timor- Leste
Natural resources
-oil, gas and minerals(metallic and non-metallic).

- 53rd in world oil production
Petroleum Fund
-manage petroleum revenue
-define asset allocation and risks
-manage receipts with petroleum wealth
-regulate transfers to the state budget
- create a volatile global economy
Import Partners
largest trading partner
fuel and basic foodstuffs (worth $96 million in 2010)
Coffee (worth 1 million)
preferential a duty free access and quota free since July 2003

Population –
1.2 mil, with a growth rate of 2.47%
Urban population –
28%, with a growth rate of est 4.25%
Unemployment rate –
generally high (18.4%, no.40 among 203
Age structure –
62.4% are under 24
Youth unemployment rate –
very high

Poverty –
high (41%)
GDP per capita –
Inflation –
Literacy –
low (58.3%)

Education System
Shortage of teachers
Lack of resources
Rapid population growth created additional pressure
Education Sector Support Project(ESSP) formed
Education Quality Improvement Program
Within two years of the crisis the primary school enrolment rate had risen to 70%
Number of teachers in East Timor increases

NATURE and events
Beach, mountain and pleasant climate
Darwin Dili Yacht Rally, Tour de Timor, Carnival
Number of tourist 1974=5,000
Value 2008= 14,000,000
2010= 26,000,000
History of tourism
presence of 15,000 well paid foreign aid in Timor-Leste since
1999 has established a foundation for tourism development.
For example, in 2001 Dili boasted 164 hotel beds, sufficient capacity
for 15,000 tourists per annum based on the Cambodia/ Laos visitor

-Timor-Leste is one of the world’s most natural resource-dependent countries
-Natural resource such as petroleum , natural gas , and minerals
-In 2009 , Timor-Leste was ranked 53 in world oil production
Tourism in Timor-Leste
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