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Caddo Indians

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Caddo Indians

The Caddos
The Caddos lived in the Piney Woods Sub-region of the Coastal Plains region.
Where they live
They grew corn,
squash, beans, and certain native plants.
They also hunted deer.
House type
They lived in cane and grass covered houses.
Similarities to other North American people
The Caddos were similar to the British colonists because they both grew tobacco.
Fun Facts
-traded guns, horses, bows, and stone arrow heads
-American settlers forced them off their land after the war of 1812
In the past, the Caddo tribe elected their chief, and after he was elected, he made all of the laws. The chief was always a male.
Today, they have a democratic government, and the chief can be a male or female. They now have to abide by the U. S. laws.
Supplies- Celina
Prezi Design- Aaron
Making Prezi- Aaron and Celina
Model of Houses- Celina and Aaron
Head Dresses- Celina and Aaron
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