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native southeast indian

Beth Smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Seminoles

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli by: Val, Vika, Sofia Seminole Region Southeast Traditional Men's
Roles/Work Men: Hunting, fishing, defended their tribe Traditional Women's
Roles/Work Prepared food, Tended for children, Made clothes, Food and Water Sources rivers, lakes, ponds Clothing Men Wore: banndanas, turbans,
and leggings Languages Miccosukee Geographical
location Southeastern
coast Natural Resources saw grass, fish, deer, snakes, alligator boy's made tools and weapons Girl's: Took care of crop, Harvested wild foods, Made baskets and other items. Women Wore: Long dresses and skirts Chickee huts: To make a chickee hut women cut leaves from cabbage plants to make roofs, then the men dig strong wooden poles deep into the soil and then they build a plat form above the ground. There are no walls so some breezes
can come in fish, deer, snakes, alligater, racoon, nuts, berries, wild potatoes, honey, duck,
geese, wild hog hoktvce hoek-tee girl
cepvn che-bon boy
eccaswv etch-a-sa-wa beaver bibliography Birchfeild, D.L. ; Dwyer, Hellen (2013)
Semioles; Garth Steven Publishing NY King C. David (2007) The Seminole
NY Thanks 4 watching! Bower, bure (2005) Social Studies Alive NY Culture who we are (2012) online availbe www.Semitribe /Culture/Language.aspx 12/6/12
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