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No description

Maja Larsen

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of 20/20

Story told from his perspective (despite third person narrator)
From the East Coast
Hardened personality
Women has been disputing him
Been belittled
Yearns for acceptance and the feeling of being looked up to.
From rural Ohio
Bad night vision
Vivid imagination
Sees beauty
Reduced critical sense
Implies that she is of lesser intelligence
Composition and Pace
Composition and Pace
There is doubt as to Bill and Ruthie's relationship.

Bill does not know whether to accept Ruthie or to discard her. He finds her stupid and unintelligent due to her unrealistic sights.

Ruthie is like a child. She observes and wonders but lack the ability to think critically. However, she sees something in particular in Bill.
Linda Brewer
20/20 is a term that refers to normal sight

Ironic in that Ruthie has got the complete opposite.

But Bill, too, has in a way bad vision, because he fails to ever see the beauty that Ruthie sees.
Can be divided into three parts:

First paragraph
Quick pace
Refers to events that has happened over three days
Second and third paragraphs
Slow pace
One evening
Tension rises as it becomes clearer that something is wrong with Ruthie's sights
Final paragraphs
Slow pace
One (other) evening
Tension rises as sights become odder
Bill decides to accept Ruthie

Bill as a handsome genius
Implies that he is exactly not that
Bill's priorities are somewhat noteworthy
Shows that he is indeed troubled

Resolution neither good nor bad?
Who benefits?
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