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Chapter 4

Transformative Frameworks for Promoting Diversity


on 4 October 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 4

Information and
Technology Non-Negotiable Knowledge Culturally Relevant Academic Knowledge Critical
and Intercultural
Education Global
Awareness Critical
Awareness Knowledge about
Indigenous Peoples The Environment
and Bio-Diversity Negotiable
Knowledge Community-
Values Community
Awareness Heritage
Languages Local
Ecosystem Problem There has been lots of discussion over
education and diversity, but teachers
are not well prepared to properly deal
with diversity in the classroom. The author sets out to provide
“frameworks for responding to
diversity in Canadian schools” (96). #1“…we must move towards conceptions of diversity and multiculturalism that affirm individual and group identity while recognizing a shared set of values” (97). non-negotiable knowledge is “essential knowledge that all student must acquire in a diverse society” (97). It must affirm identity and diversity, but still teach macro-values. negotiable knowledge is “context driven and is geared towards promoting specific local epistemologies and values” p 97. Introduction Video Transformative Frameworks
for Promoting Diversity Activity
Wikispaces Frameworks Diversity Pedagogy Critical Pedagogy Transformative
Learning Peace Education Poster Group Work debrief and video Why teachers may be
“resistant to the idea of adopting
praxis oriented pluralistic
perspective in the first place” (96). Barriers Survey results Conclusions Four main traps
1) Deficit view of Students' achievment
2) Racial erasure
3) The "gaze"
4) Paralogical behaviour Brad Helgason Gabe Kemp Sara Wolfe
- Conradi Carrie Williams Kris George Kelly Thomlinson Critical
Thinking Questions and Answers Exit Slip "... essential knowledge that all students
must acquire in a diverse society" p97 http://dalianwuhanmasters.wikispaces.com Brainstorm
8 non negotiable
knowledge areas
in your groups What negotiable knowledge
does this video show? Hello
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