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San Francisco

No description

Sergio Morais

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of San Francisco


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Places to visit
We have 3500$ to spend and we have to be prudent.
-Budget total of the travel: 3465.82$
-Total transport: 242,95$
-Hotel: 1149,87$
-Each lunch and dinner: 295$.
-Union Square: 400$
-Alcatraz: 140$
-Pioneer Park: 25$
-Chinatown: Free.
-The Walt Disney Museum: 60$
-Westfield San Francisco Center: 550$
-Aquarium of the Bay: 475$
-Golden Gate Bridge: 128$

Who are we? Why are traveling?

We have three days in San Francisco to spend. We have to organize the trip (places to visit, shows to see, hotels...).
We going to introduce our guidebook for move in San Francisco!
Introduction to San Francisco
Good morning! We are a group of students of 4º ESO.
Some months ago, we won a competition. The prize is a trip to San Francisco. But we have to organize it yet....
San Francisco, is a county of the state of California, EEUU. It was founded in 1776 and the population is 4,203,898 people. His mayor is Edwin M. Lee. Golden Gate or Transamerica Pyramid Center are some of most glamorous places of San Francisco.
We will go to
, San Francisco. These hotel is in the 1668 Market St. We are selected this hotel because is near of more famous places. Also, this hotel is cheaper than others.
- Free breakfasts.
- Free Wi-Fi.
People in San Francisco, usually catch the tram or metro for move around the city, because there are many people in the street.
We are going to use taxis to move for San Francisco when we will go far away.
Taxis in San Francisco are very expensive, 1'66$/km + 3'50$ the first 330 meters.
Metro cost from 1$ to 8$.
The tram cost 0'75$.

Day 1
When we will arrive to the hotel, we will have breakfast.
At 10:00, we will go to the Union Square on metro and we will do shopping.
At 14:00, we will eat on Emporio Rulli (Union Square).
At 16:00, we will take a taxi to go to Alcatraz. We will be there until 18:00.
At 18:45, we will take a taxi to Pioneer Park. We will visit Coit Tower, it gives good views of the city.
At 20:30 we will take the metro and we to go to Chinatown. There we will do a tour and we will know the chinese culture. (Dinner in Chinatown). At 23:30 we will arrive to hotel.

Day 2
At 10:00 (after breakfast in the hotel), we will go on metro to The Walt Disney Museum.
At 14:00, we will eat in the museum's restaurant.
At 16:30, we will go to AT&T stadium. (17:30-19:15 match). While we will travel to stadium, we will visit Lombard Street.
At 19:30 we will go to Westfield San Francisco. Centre. There we will do shopping and dinner. Until 23:00. We will be in the hotel at 23:15, we will take the tram.

Day 3
At 10:00, we will go to The Aquarium of the Bay on taxi.
At 13:30, we will go to the San Francisco City Hall on metro. Next, we will eat in a McDonald's (5 minutes walking).
At 16:30 we will go, on metro, to Golden Gate Bridge. There we will do a route until 18:00.
At 19:00 we will arrive to Twin Peaks on metro. We will be there until 20:00 and we are going to hotel. We will arrive to the hotel at 20:30 (on metro).

We love this trip!
The organization will be excellent, because we will do all the activities.
We will enjoy in the county of San Francisco!
Sergio, Manuel, Raúl, Miguel e Iván.
-Union Square
-Pioneer Park
-The Walt Disney Museum
-AT&T stadium
-Lombard Street
-Westfield San Francisco Center
-Aquarium of the Bay
-San Francisco City Hall
-Golden Gate Bridge
-Twin Peaks
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