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Innovative technology in clinical education

A short presentation I prepared for the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences on the use of emerging online tools in clinical education.

Michael Rowe

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Innovative technology in clinical education

Using emerging online tools
in clinical education Technical skills Non-technical skills Clinical reasoning
Reflective thinking
Interpersonal skills
Critical self-evaluation
Bridging theory and practice ICTs can improve student support through
enhanced communication and
access to information websites that can be edited by anyone
useful for groupwork
create content 140k messages shared with everyone
follow users with similar interests
participate in a conversation downloadable audio files
record and distribute lectures personal publication platforms
reflective writing assignments
engage with students Retrieving content Creating content
collaboratively Sharing information and ideas Discussion "Physiotherapy...what is really in store for us?"
"My point of view"
"Is physiotherapy for me?"
"The reality of what to expect as a physiotherapist"
"Reflection on physiotherapy course"
"Reality check!"
"Expectations are not always met" Expectations Some useful online tools Twitter Blogs Podcasts Wikis Linking concepts Clinical education Complex and difficult to teach Skype Rehabilitation techniques
Movement facilitation
Joint mobilisations We can demonstrate these But it's hard to
demonstrate these Integrating technology into teaching practice
can enhance clinical competencies Social software may facilitate:
reflection This is the dominant form of students'
use of computers and the internet Anyone can edit Provide guidance Encourage discussion Produce content free chat and internet-based calls
organising and sharing
conference calls 76% have internet access at home
60% have broadband access
61% want online interaction
93% belong to a social network hourly: 27
daily: 59 Fewer than half (49%)
use it to study Still 24% without internet at home YouTube online video service
free to view and download
any subject you can think of Michael Rowe
Department of Physiotherapy Thank you Evidence suggests that
emerging online tools
can help to develop
non-technical skills BUT... Reflection Feedback Non-technical skills Technical skills YouTube isn't just about cats on skateboards
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