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Argentina Culture

No description

Kara Tuohy

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Argentina Culture

Food Typical plate of the region are empanadas
Come from the Tucuman region of Argentina
Are often handmade with seasoned, chopped beef and onions
Other ingredients that can be used include raisins, olives, and hard boiled eggs. Empanadas Education Economy Argentina Argentina's school system has an overall good reputation
By law, all children between the ages of six and fourteen must attend school
Has highest levels of literacy and education among all other Latin American countries Typical Day for A Teen in Argentina Wake up around 8:00, have breakfast, go to school until around 12:00, go home to eat lunch with family, rest, later either going out with friends, or playing a sport. Soccer is very popular in Argentina Argentina's currency- Argentine peso
Benefits from natural resources
Also a globally competitive agricultural sector
Foreign trade played role in Argentina's economic development Language Mainly Spanish
Indigenous languages spoken before Argentina's contact with Spain and Europe
Other languages include, Italian, German, and French, due to people immigrating to Argentina from Europe Clothing Style of clothing in Argentina is very similar to United States and in Europe
For business, men wear suit and tie while women wear dresses
Traditional type of dress in some villages in Argentina is the gaucho (Argentine Cowboy) Famous Artist Painter: Xul Solar
Alejandro Xul Solar was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires Province on December 14, 1887
Went to Europe in 1912
Held his first exhibition in Milan in 1920
Worked on a series of water color projects in 1953
Returned to Argentina and showed his works at Galeria Guion
Works became very famous and became part of several different group exhibicion
Died in Tigre, Buenos Aires Province in 1963
His house was opened as an art museum where most of his works were exhibited in 1990 Xul Solar Famous Athlete Soccer Player: Sergio Aguero
Born on June 2, 1988 in Quilmes, Argentina
Plays for Argentine National Team as a striker posistion
One of the world's most highly rated strikers
Played for Argentina in FIFA World Youth Championships, also played on the 2008 Olympics team
Transferred to Madrid's team in 2005 for 23 million euros, then later transferred back to Manchester City for 39 million euros Sergio Aguero Famous Musician Adriana Varela- Argentine Tango Singer
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 9, 1952
Singing career began in 1991 with her first cassette called "Tangos", followed by her second alcum in 1993 called "Maquillaje"
Fame increased throughout the years and she recorded several new albums, and has participated in the Bajofondo Tango Club- an electro-tango group Government Argentina is a presidential representative democratic republic
The president and vice president are elected by popular vote for a four-year term and can be re-elected once
President of Argentina is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Vice President: Amado Boudou Religion Main religion in Argentina is Roman Catholic
Is mainly Roman Catholic because of Spanish and European Influence
Studies show 92% of Argentina's population is Christian, 2% Jewish, 2% Protestant, and 4% other
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