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Video Games Prezi

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Ben Lawrence

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Video Games Prezi

Video Games
By Ben Lawrence
67% of Americans play Video Games
For a total revenue of 10.5 billion dollars
This is 10 billion dollars
What are Video Games?
Video Games is the playing of computer made simulations designed strictly for entertainment.
Video Games are played by using a console or gaming system that requires a disc with the game on it
It can also be downloaded via internet (apps). You can play games on hand held devices (phone) or bigger systems called consoles, or just on your computer.
Where did video games start?
Video Games started as computer simulations in science labs in the 1970's
The first globally distributed video game was called space war where 2 players shot torpedoes at one another
67% of Americans Play Video Games in one form or another
The most played system by adults is the Wii
40% of gamers are female
The average age for a gamer is 30
1.2 billion people worldwide are playing video games
This hobby is growing significantly and generates 21 billion dollars worldwide and is growing 5% every year
Gamestop and Disctraders, and all your supermarkets support this hobby.
You will need the following to play games.
a controller, game, system, and a computer or T.V, or a phone
This hobby is very family friendly so your whole family can enjoy video games.
Where to go?
6650 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, Michigan 49024
4168 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015
Locations of Gamestops locally
6650 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, Michigan 49024
4168 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
5700 Beckley Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015
Location of Disctraders in Battle Creek
Also don't forget you can also go to Walmart or Best Buy and so on
Why are Video Games important to me?
Video Games are important to me because it gives me something to do while my parents are gone
Also because I do very little outside of school
The things that got me interested in video games would have to be, Call of Duty: The Big Red one
Lego Star Wars
But the one that really got me was Star Wars: Battle Front 2
The only thing that can get people into video games is to just try one and see what happens
How are video games related to our school?
Video Games really aren't related to our school but in computer classes you may use computer programs.
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Do you play video games?
What kind of games do you like?
Do your parents play with you?
What system do you own?
How much do you think the gaming industry makes?

You may also use them in class with spare time
"Funbrain – Educational Games in One Playground." Learnit Educational Community. Web. 19 May 2014.
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Player 2
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