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The Geometry Of Dance.

No description

elli lopez

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The Geometry Of Dance.

The Geometry Of Dance.
Geometry shapes used in dance.
Choreographer Rudolf Laban.
Final Words Of Dance And Geometry.
When Dance And geometry Are put together it shows the relation that it has to create movements. Like in ballet some moves need your legs to be in a 90 degree angle. When tutting you use your fingers and make different shapes like triangles, Squares, rectangles, etc. Also break dancing which does moves like Toprock, Downrock, Power move, and freezes. When this moves are being done they make an angle so thats when geometry comes in . Thank You . :)
The Geometry Of Dance
Geometry is always used in dance by the way you move your hands to the way you move your feet and body
Rudolf Laban Born in December 15, 1879
Died July 1, 1958 was a dance artist and a theorist but he was also known for creating a system of notation of dance that is manipulated like a mathematical equation.
His System of notation
This videos will show you how geometry is used with your hands and body.. Through Baile.. (Dance)
Some geometry shapes that are used in dance are Crescent, Triangle,Circles, And arcs.
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