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Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

No description

Emma Adams

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

The Arenal Volcano is near
La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Type of Volcano: Picture and Diagram Eruption Type: Very, very explosive and sends flying rocks that weigh tons each and spews lava everywhere! Magma/Lava Type: A lot of lava spews everywhere during the eruption. Location: The Arenal Volcano is a composite cone volcano with a lava dome. http://www.arenal.net/la-fortuna-costa-rica.htm Google Images On our project sheet. http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm Volcanic Explosive Index: The Arenal Volcano used to be very, very active with several eruptions per day and 4 major eruptions that devastated the civilians there destroying everything in its path. It's still active now, but not as active as it used to be. http://costarica21.com/Arenal-Volcano.html Destruction Caused: The crops were ruined and destroyed, the livestock was killed, and the property was destroyed. In the 1968 eruption: http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm Environmental Impacts: Because giant rocks that weighed several tons each, were thrown from the volcano, there are now three active craters in the ground in Arenal, Costa Rica. http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm (Strombolian Eruption) Cost: The volcano caused a lot of destruction, which adds up to a lot of money, but the volcano ended up being a success as a major tourist attraction. http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm Loss of Lives: By the end of the 1968 eruption, the volcano had buried three small villages and killed eighty-seven people. http://www.arenal.net/arenal-volcano-1968-eruption.htm Volcanic Hazards: *Gases- are able to cause acid rain and cause vegetation to yellow

*Minor to Major earthquakes

*Giant rocks fly out of the volcano

*Lava flow

*Pyroclastic flow- can run down the volcano at speeds of 200 mph. Prevention/Protection: *DISTANCE YOUR HOME FROM THE VOLCANO
Google Images Google Images Google Images Google Images google images google images google images GOOGLE IMAGES
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