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Albert Fish

No description

yanitzie cruz

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Albert Fish

Albert Fish
By: Yanitzie Cruz
Marisela Esparza

- Mostly younger than 10 yrs old
- Male and female
- Mentally handicapped or African-American
- he said they wouldn't be missed
- Different states, one of them New York
- Day
- Opportunistic

What occurred?

- Used sharp butchers knife, small saw, cleaver
- raped them, tortured them and cut them into pieces to eat

When and where?
-committed crimes in :1910 , the 1920's in different states
- Since 1903, he'd been arrested 8 times throughout the years
- put in a mental hospital because of behavior
-later released
- First killed at Wilmington, Delaware
- Others: Newyork, Brooklyn and Port Richmond.
- Last killed at White Plains, New York
-Would lure children away from their homes
- Bribe them with money or candy
- In one case he earned parents trust and said he'd take their child to a party
- Take them to empty houses
- Sometimes kill them near their home

What happened after?

- family suffered a mental illness
- mother would have visual hallucinations
- sent to an orphanage at young age
- was physically abused & began to enjoy the pain
- experienced this till age nine

- he would put needles into his body
- would drink urine and eat feces
- tortured and killed animals
- prostitute for both male and female
-obsessed with sexual mutilation
- raped boys younger than 6 when he was a house painter
- arrested for sending out obscene letters and for petty theft
- believed God had ordered him to kill little boys (hallucinations)
- had bad parenting
- would be abused
- enjoyed beating was obsessed with sexual mutilation

Psychological profile:
- Psychotic
- experienced hallucinations
- mental illness
Interesting info
- This image is a film based on Albert Fish

What was most interesting to us, was..
- He enjoyed the physical pain
- He had hallucinations that God ordered him to do things
- He was also bullied by other kids in the orphanage
This is a picture of the Saint John's Orphanage in Washington that Fish was put in
-sent a letter to his victim Grace Budd's mom
- The letter had the initials of "New York Private Chauffeur's Benevolent Association"
- it immediately led to fish
- Company had given info of where he was
- Chief investigator waited for him and took him to police head quarters
-Charged with Grace Budd's case and 2 others

- three murders that police were able to trace to a known homicide
-Francis X. McDonnell, age 8,
Billy Gaffney, age 4
Grace Budd, age 10
- Given the electrical chair
-buried in the Sing Sing Prison Cemetery in New york

- this is a cleaver, one of the tools Fish would use to kill his victims.
-This a picture of Grace with her siblings, she is the one on the right.
-this is when Albert Fish was executed on January 16, 1936
Naked body of a boy or a girl would be brought out & just cut what he wanted
Boy or girl's behind, the sweetest part of the body brought the highest price
The body was cooked an eaten except head, bones, and guts
Meat of any kind was from $1–3 per pound





- This is the house where he killed his victim Grace Budd
-In this image is a letter Albert had sent to his victim Grace Budd's mom
- This a quote where Fish talked about his victims
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