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No description

Gene Monahan

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Slavery

The world has some things to it

In the 1700s where all the slavery was started and some in the 1600s..
When did this all happen?
The master was the owner of al the slaves and worked them. He got all the respect and basically could do anything he wants. For example he could punish, feed , and work them off!
The planters would farm the field get the corn ready, They would farm and they get a tiny more respect but are still owned by the master and do the same! They do anything the master says!
The planters
The slaves would not get much! The slaves only got 2 or 1 pair of everything they need for example “Only one pair of shoes, one pair of stockings, one hat, one jacket, two shirts and two pairs of trousers per year.” They would do anything that was said by the master as said in the master slide!
What they ate?
Just corn and meat but it was the masters choice. It was very limited they had to grind their own corn
Also credits too internet explorer pictures.
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