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Game Control

Talks about: Development History, Arcade, Comsoles, PC, Mobile Features & Television

Aman Sohal

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Game Control

GAME CONTROL ARCADE Games Development History CONSOLES A console is a device which has specially been designed for game play which is known to all of us gamers as a video game console. There are several different types of consoles out there which all have different interacting techniques as well as being able to offer something better than another console. PC MOBILE FEATURES What is an arcade? An 'Arcade' game is a coin operated game which is usually found installed in places like restaurants, bars, hotels & amusement arcades all in the name of it being used as an entertainment machine. Arcade games come in several different formats such as:
Video Games
Pinball Machines
Electro-mechanical Games
Redemption Games
Merchandisers When Arcade games were first established, they were typically a huge wooden case which had a screen, a coin door and a bunch of controls, but over the years this seems to have changed and they are now made of more durable material; Hard Plastic. How does an Arcade game operate?
You insert the required amount of coins inside the slot built into the coin door and then something in the arcade machine which will weigh the money and see if it is the correct value and then your game will start but if not, you will be asked to put the correct amount in. Some arcades have been built in a way that they will only accept a certain type of coin. How do you play on an arcade machine?
An arcade machine is designed in a way that it can only be used by hand co-ordination hence it has several buttons which have been assigned to do certain tasks. The arcade machine also has a joystick which can also be used depending on the type of game e.g. the joystick can be used whilst playing 'PACMAN' which was a very popular game on the arcade. An arcade machine can display an image using 2 different methods:
Raster Display
Vector Display In order for you to use a console, you will need to have some mode of interaction and depending on the type of console and video game being played, this can vary. However, in the typical gaming world, you would interact through a controller, pad and joystick. For the consoles like the 'Wii', there are several different accessories which can be bought to help make game play more fun and purposeful e.g. you could buy a steering wheel, tennis rackets and much more to make the game play more realistic. This can be seen in the image below. Games Consoles were not created with the age range in mind, as they were purely meant to be a method of entertainment but they were then aimed at children between the age range of 3-12 but has changed since then. However, over the last few years the number of different consoles being released has also increased as well as the games which are being created. The games which are being created tend to be movies but in game play mode which allow you to be feel as if your part of it e.g. 007; this game would lure in a hard core fan of the Bond Legacy which in turn would improve sales as well as changing the theoretical age range set for games consoles. As mentioned before, games consoles vary from one another hence their input and output methods also being different from one another. For instance if you have a console such as the Nintendo Wii, PS3 or XBOX 360, your method of input would be through a wireless controller or a wired controller, but the output; Sound & Display would be through the TV as the console itself is connected to the TV. However, if you were to have a hand held device such as the Nintendo DS or PS VITA, then the output is built into the device itself, You will tend to have the display in the center with the speakers around it or on the sides. Gaming has been changing excessively as the gaming world is moving forward with time. Gaming was first introduced in.. Television PC; which stands for Personal Computer is a common piece of device which can now be found in every other house. If looking back at when the first PC was produced (33 years ago) and today's PC, a big drastic change can be seen visually without having to compare the internal specifications. However, a PC just doesn't mean a computer, a PC is something which has been designed for individual usage,. therefore things like desktop computers, laptops, PDA, tablets, mobile phones are all another form of a PC. The different types of PCs are:

Net Book
Tablet PC
Ultra-mobile PC
Gaming Computer
Desktop Computer
Desktop Replacement Gaming Devices such as the 'iPod' are also PC's as they have been built for individual usage. The iPod was first released on the 12th November 2001 and 12 years down the line, the iPod has had a huge transformational change. The 4 different versions of the iPod are: Shuffle, Nano, Classic & Touch.
The whole point of an iPod was that you are able to listen to music on the go, however as time as passed, some ipods such as the touch have expanded extremely allowing you to play games, record videos, surf the internet and much more. Mobile Phones A mobile phone is a hand held device which is also known as a cell phone, that allows you to make & receive telephone calls over a radio link which in turn connects to a cellular network which has to be provided by a mobile phone operator. As well as offering the pure basics of what a mobile phone has on offer, the modern mobile phones have evolved in such a way that they offer a variety of services such as text messaging, MMS, email, surfing the internet, blue tooth, gaming, business applications, photography and organizer. The more a phone has to offer, the more likely it is to be a smartphone and a phone with those services mentioned above is definitely a smartphone. But what can mobile phones be used for? Mobiles phones can be used for various different reasons such as: general, distributing content, driving, schools, mobile banking and payments and last but not least for tracking and privacy. Mobile phones can be used generally to keep in touch with friends and family through built in features such as SMS, MMS, email and what not. It is useful to have a mobile phone as it can be used in the event of an emergency. Some people carry more than one mobile phone but that could be because one is for personal use and one is for business. ( Not mixing business with pleasure :P ). They can also be used when it comes to distributing and advertising content through the form of videos and advertisements trying to attract people so they would give in and make an investment on something like a joke, apps or even to read the news. Using a phone whilst driving is a very serious matter as it is the most common reason which comes to the surface as to why an accident had occurred. With the number of accident cases linked to driving increasing, laws have been put in place as to that you are not allowed to use a mobile device when yo are in charge of a motor vehicle. Therefore, hand free devices have been built which are connected through blue tooth allowing you to have a conversation as well as being able to take charge of a motor vehicle with both hands. Mobile phones tend to be banned in schools due to students using them to attack other students through cyber bulling as well as the school not covering the loss of mobile phones if they are stolen. This is why all students are advised to bring phones in at their own risk. As we have moved on in the information age, we have all become very lazy and would rather do everything from home as opposed to going out, hence phones now have the capability to be used to do online banking as well as being able to pay the bills. Very useful if you are old and fragile but great with technology.
Last but not least, mobile phones can also be used for privacy and tracking people
which may seem weird but it is just something which people do if they believe their partner is
having an affair or even in business if you are making an illegal deal, you use a number which can
not be tracked down that easily if there was an issue. The features of a mobile phone vary from one another depending on what services and applications they have to offer to their users. Mobile phones are separated into two different categories: Low-end mobile phones and Smartphones. Low-end mobile phones are basic phones which offer basic services such as texting, calling, MMS and a few platform games whereas mobile phones which have advanced 'computing ability' to use several software applications, surf the web and much more are known as smartphones. Mobile devices are just not mobile phones but also other hand held devices which are known as 'mobile' devices as you can take them with you and use them wherever your going. These types of mobile devices include: iPod, Tablets, PSP, NINTENDO DS, PDA and many others. PDA which stands for 'Personal Digital Assistant'
is a mobile device which functions as a personal organizer (also known as Personal Information Manager) and they were popular back in the day but are now longer in production due to being replaced with smartphones. The only reason PDA was popular was because tablets were not developed at that time and hence were extremely popular amongst business men. GSM which stands for 'Global System for Mobile Communications' is an international standard & is the only type of cellular service available if you are traveling within Europe and many other parts of the world. It has the ability to support/transmit mobile voice and data services. GSM has the ability to support voice calls & data services at speeds of up to 9.6 kbps. 3GPP
3GP which stands for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a multimedia file format which can be used for 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) multimedia services. It is mainly used on 3G mobile phones but however can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones. There are many different types of TV's (Televisions) out there which are available in today's market and it is evident to how they have developed to such an extent that they can even be used as part of a gaming platform. TV's are at a stage where one would think they cannot possibly get any better but in fact they are getting better as the days go by with new additional features being added. LCD LCD which is abbreviated for Liquid Crystal Display is a TV which displays a visual image when light is shone from behind into the TV's tiny colored liquid crystal cells allowing a picture to be formed. The popularity of LCD TV's has decreased as LED which is another type of TV is starting to take over. However, the advantage of an LCD is that they tend to be inexpensive but the disadvantages take over the advantages as the LCD is not available with a screen size of over 32 inches as well as not being energy efficient. PLASMA A PLASMA TV is a TV which has a display which is made out of an array of tiny gas cells which are sandwiched between 2 sheets of glass. Each cell is like a mini fluorescent tube which emits ultraviolet light which produces spots of red, green and blue colors which in turn glow to form a visual display. As quick as the PLASMA TV had gained fame, in the same way it has lost its popularity over the years due to companies making more effort and time in making LCD and LED TV's better than before. Panasonic is one of the main companies which produce a range of PLASMA TVs and continue to do so as this is what they are known by.
PLASMA TVs are cheaper than LED TVs even though with the advantage of being able to produce more natural looking blacks on screen but a disadvantage is that they tend to use more energy than any other type of TV in the manufacturing
market, which in turn can result in higher bills. LED The advantage of an LED TV is that it is slimmer than any other type of TV available as well as being energy efficient and a variety of sizes are available to choose from. However, a disadvantage to take into consideration is that 'the viewing angle is narrow, so if you are viewing from an acute angle, you may not get a great view'. LED which stands for Light Emitting Diode has been around for many years but only recently in the form of TV so it is hence a recent development. They are pretty much like LCD TVs but the only difference is that the way a LCD displays an image has been replaced by a vast amount of smaller LEDS. There are 2 types of LED TVs; Edge Lit and Back Lit. Edge Lit models are TVs which have LED lighting placed around the edges of the screen which helps make the TV slim/thinner as well as replacing the big bulky light which helps form an image. CABLE DIGITAL Cable TV is a system of distributing TV programs to subscribers through radio frequency signals which are transmitted through coaxial cable or even light pulses through fiber optic cables. Coaxial Cable is a signal transmission cable which is usually used for televisions, satellite dishes and receivers because it has the ability to carry radio signals. The cable is made out 4 different materials and they can be seen in the image. A coaxial cable works by carrying a signal through the central core as well as through the metallic shield as they are both conductors which generate a magnetic field which does not attract to one another as the fields cancel each other out preventing any magnetic activity occurring. Optical Cabling- A fibre optical cable is a cable which is made out of ultra hair thin link pure glass which has the ability to carry information over a long distance using only light waves. The fibre optic cable is made out of; fine glass threads, cladding, layers of PVC. This is too protect the fibre optic cable as they are very fragile and delicate and can break which can a pose a threat when they are being installed. However, fibre optic cables are being used to replace old cables and the current company to provide fibre optic cables is Virgin Media. DIGITAL TV is the transmission of audio/video through digital processed and multiplexed signal which allows broadcasters to offer better picture,movie quality over current transmissions as well as being able to offer multiple TV programs at the same time with better picture quality and sound to their subscribers. But do TVs link to gaming platforms? The answer is yes; TVs do link to gaming platforms and in a way that to improve your gaming experience, you can connect a games console such as as an XBOX to the TV, so you have a better visual display as well as better picture and sound quality. Apple first Apple released their first ever personal computer called 'Lisa' in 1983 and it was the first ever computer which had a graphical user interface and it was mainly based at businesses. At the time, businesses were all happy by making the decision to buy the LISA for their business as it was a powerful computer of that time. But as time went on, the sales of the LISA decreased all due to the fact, that it was extremely over priced at $9,995 and it did not have many software utilities as it should have done considering how much it cost. The Lisa was then upgraded and re-released as LISA 2 and this time the LISA 2 had just one floppy drive as opposed to the LISA having two and it was sold half the price as the original making business consumers buying more than expected, but as time went on, history repeated itself and the sales decreased. Macintosh Lisa by Apple But over the years, as time has moved on as have Apple, they now have the iMac which is their current flagship model. It is expensive but every penny spent is worth it as there are numerous amounts of software utilities integrated into the computer as well as an APP store which allows you to download millions of apps suited to your needs making your experience even better. You are able to download books, films, music, software and even games which make gaming more fun on a HD Retina Display. AMSTRAD

AMSTRAD is a British electronics company which was found and is run by Alan Sugar from the age of 21. AMSTRAD stands for Alan Michael Sugar Trading. Amstrad have released several computers ever since it has been established and that not just being one type of PC, but several different types of PCS. These include Home Computers, Word Processors, Notepad Computers, PC Compatibles, PC Accessories, PDA and now Set Top Box which is where Amstrad provide digital boxes for a company called SKY. Amstrad released their first ever computer called the CPC 46 in 1984 and many others were released after that as they were becoming rather successful than the predecessors that had been released. Eventually in 1990, AMSTRAD, entered the gaming world by releasing a video game console called the AMSTRAD GX4000. This console was based on a hardware called the Amstrad 464 Plus but that turned out to be a 'commercial failure' as it used 8-bit technology and all big competitors such as SEGA MEGA DRIVE and Super Nintendo used 16-Bit.

However, in 1993, AMSTRAD were given another chance to re-enter the gaming market by being licensed to SEGA, to produce a system called the Amstrad Mega PC, but due to selling it at £599, Amstrad lost out once again to other competitors.

Below are images of the video game consoles that Amstrad attempted to make a success in the gaming world. Dragon Data

DRAGON Data is home establish company in Wales which came to surface during the early 1980s. Dragons Data produced 2 computers called Dragon 32 and Dragon 64. The machines came in 32KB and 64KB versions as time went on and both these models reflect the similarities and differences between them both: RAM size being the most evident.

Osborne 1
Osborne 1 was the first ever successful commercial portable microcomputer to be made. It was released sometime in Quarter 1 of 1981 at 10.7kg at a price of $1795 with the popular operating system of the time. The reason the microcomputer was a success was, a large bundle of additional software equally priced as the computer was also shipped with it, but later down the line, it started to decrease in sales as it started to have drawbacks such as a small screen, single density floppy disk drives which did not have enough memory to contain sufficient amount of data. home Compaq Portable

The Compaq Portable was the first portable product in the Compaq Portable series. It was priced at around $3500 and started shipping in 1983, just a year after it had been announced. It was of the size of a sewing machine which is fairly large when you come to compare it with today's portable products, but at that time, the design of this portable PC was derived from Xerox NoteTaker which is also another type of portable PC. It was an all in one computer of the time which had all the software utilities you would need at the time, hence doing extremely well in the sales department, with 53,000 sold in the first year. This first ever Portable PC by Compaq had MAC DOS as the Operating System, as well as the option of what type of storage capacity you would like to have. The choices were 2 5.25" floppy disk drives or 1 floppy drive and as well as a 10MB hard drive. 128KB was standard memory but suited to your needs, you did have the option to increase this by x5 resulting in 640KB. You also had a integrated 9" monitor which was great as it allowed you to see what was happening especially whilst playing a game. Last but not least, there was also a video card with the portable PC. The other types of PC's which were also around at that time included the Acorn series, Commodore series, Atari series, Amiga series as well as HP and several others. As
mentioned before, mobile platform isn't just
for mobile phones, it is for several other devices as
mentioned in the top center left. This mobile platform also
ventures into the gaming world, as this platform is available on any
hand held device, which you are able to take around with you,
whenever, you feel like it. An example of this would be tablets, hand held consoles such as the PSP Vita/Nintendo 3DS and PDA's .

These devices can allow you to play offline and online providing there is an internet connection available. Everything has a different input and output method when it comes to gaming on mobile devices. The hand held consoles such as PSP VITA and Nintendo 3DS method of input is through game controls and the output being through integrated speakers and screen. On a tablet, the touch screen itself is an input as well as an output as it provides a visual display and sound through integrated speakers. A 3D TV is a TV which forms a 3D image through things like 'depth perception' to the viewers by using techniques such 'stereoscopic display 2D + depth and much more. In order to view something 3D on the 3DTV, you will need special glasses made for the TV as a majority of the 3D TV uses an 'active shutter/polarized 3D system', but within a matter of months, the 3DTV has been upgraded more than you think it can be and you are now able to view things without the special glasses because the TV's are 'autostereoscopic'. But forming a 3D image is not where it finished, this is just the beginning, as there is a lot more to the 3D TV. Not only is the 3D TV 3D, it is also interactive which allows the user to interact with the TV as you have the power in hand to download and play games from an app store as well as stream and watch movies, listen to music or even surf the internet, providing you have an internet connection. The 3DTV has now become a part of the gaming platform, which was not possible several years ago but as time has gone on, this is the best we have, but there is much more to come.
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