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Glass ceiling: gender and minorities

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Aysha Al Muhairi

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Glass ceiling: gender and minorities

Dana Ramdan (M80006921)
Aysha Saleh (201407653)

Glass ceiling: gender and minorities
73% of females that took the survey that was done to the Institute of Leadership and Management in the US stated that they believed that the glass ceiling existed, whereas only 38% of the men felt the same.

What is the impact of glass ceiling on women's employment?
“Carolyn Walker-Diallo, a Muslim, used a Quran for her swearing-in as a New York City Civil Court Judge in December 2015.” (La Capria, 2016)

What are some gender stereotypes?

What is Glass Ceiling?
an intangible barrier within a hierarchy that prevents women or minorities from obtaining upper-level positions (Merriam-Webster, 2015).

It is an unacknowledged discriminatory barrier that prevents minorities from rising to the position of power or responsibility with an organization. (Oxford dictionaries, 2016)

The lack of high profile women role models makes it harder for both men and women to imagine women running the show.

Where did glass ceiling come from?
“The Glass Ceiling: Why Women Cant seem to Break The Invisible Barrier That Blocks them From the Top Jobs”

In March of 1986 the term was first phrased by two writers of the Wall Street Journal; Carol Hymowitz and Timothy D. Schelhardt.

(Zimmer, 2015)

Personality traits: women are supposed to be shy, passive, and submissive.

Domestic Behavior: women are supposed to be stay-at-home moms and do housework

Occupations: women are expected to be teacher, nurses and secretaries
Physical Appearance: women are expected to be slender
Personality traits: Men are expected to be tough, aggressive, dominant and organized.

Domestic Behavior: men are supposed to be bread-winners and dictate the house rules.

Occupations: men are envisioned to be engineers, doctors, politicians.

Physical Appearance: men are expected to be masculine
What is political Glass ceiling?
Glass ceiling is not just restricted to academic careers, it is also applied to work fields, especially those of high power positions.
When it comes to politics, although it is not stated anywhere, it is a fact that groups of minorities and females face a lot of discrimination and much more obstacles than others when attaining high positions of power.
However with a lot of hard work and persistence some cracks are being punched through the glass ceiling since Barack Obama became the first dark skinned president of the Unites States and Hillary Clinton is the first female to run for president

What is the relevance of Glass ceiling in the UAE?
27.5% of UAE minsters are women (Egbert, 2016)

Major Mariam AlMansouri is the UAE's first female pilot to fly an F16 fighter jet. (the national 2016)
“Breaking the glass ceiling!”
Earn trust and build relationships
Know your value
Embrace fear
Expand your horizons early in your career
Build your reputation with your team
Measure success
Get the support of personal mentors and sponsors
Enjoy, and learn from other life experiences
Be an advocate for women
Legally blonde
We are all Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon). Our outsides can be covered in pink dresses and high heels and perfectly manicured nails, but it’s our brains that matter. Also: we all know different things, and life is about using what you know to succeed. If knowing proper haircare processes is your thing, more power to you! Especially if it helps you to win high-profile legal battles, as it did in Legally Blonde. Women continue to face judgements on their looks and outfits and even their adorable pets, but laugh all you want. A little studying and determination goes a long, long way. (Palmieri, 2016)
1) True or false, there is a glass ceiling in UAE
2)True or False, glass ceiling is only found in the work place
3) Why are women not commonly found in leading positions?
4)Why do gender stereotyping occur in work places ?
5)What are some gender stereotypes?

Women have children so they are not available 24/7, being a leader in a firm required a killer instinct and it is believed that women do not have that, and they are not aggressive enough)

women are supposed to be at home

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