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Superb Bird Of Paradise

No description

Tristen Flores

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Superb Bird Of Paradise

Superb Bird Of Paradise
How Does It Move?
The Superb Bird Of Paradise is fast moving animal that can fly, but even though its short legs it is surprisingly fast on its feet.
What Does It Eat?
The Superb Bird Of Paradise has a very small variety of which it eats, usually only eating Fruit and small Arthropods.
The Adult Male has an average length of 26 cm and a weight of 60g to a maximum of 105g. It has black feathers with a blue breast shield.
The Adult Female has an average lenght of 25cm and a wieght of 54g to a maximum of 85g. It has blackish-brown head with white strip across fore-head. Its underparts are light brown with darker shades towards the tip of the wing.
Whats The Animals Name?
And What Does It Mean?
My animal is the Superb Bird Of Paradise, but its scientific name is Lophorina Superba which means crested nose (Lophorina) and superb (Superba)

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Paradisaeidae
Genus Lophorina
Species Superba

What Does It Look Like?
Is It Extinct?
No, the Superb Bird Of Paradise is classified in the least concern area.
Where Does It Live?
It lives in tropical rainforests in the western part of Papua New Guinea.
What Is Its Classification
Defense And Offense
While the Superb Bird Of Paradise has a weak offense it has a very effective defense.
The birds feather structure that provides its interesting defensive mechanism. And its wings help it fly.
Something Special
The most special thing about this animal is its defense and surprisingly effective mating mechanism
Life Cycle/Reproduction
It lays eggs. This bird is amazing it looks the same in adult hood as it did when it was first born
It has no natural predators
This animal is very smart and only attacks when agitated .
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