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Superflex Unthinkables

No description

Hayle Petersen

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Superflex Unthinkables

Meet the members
of Social Town
Superflex are a bunch of super heros desinged to help you regulate your behaviors and become stronger social problem solvers.
Which Unthinkable(s)
Are you?!
Superflex Unthinkables
Each one of you has your own inner Superflex and their are strategies for each Superflex hero that will help you defeat those tricky social situations
Topic Twister
Was Funny Once
Energy Hare-y
Mean Jean
Rock Brain
Superflex is here to help you over the sneaky team of Unthinkables. you will learn Superflexible strategies that can defeat the powers of the Unthinkables to prevent them from controlling your brain and body
Can you have more than 1?
Brainstorm...write your ideas down
Can you defeat him or her?!
One-sided Sid
Space invader
Grump Grumpaniny
Worry Wall
Body snatcher
Brain Eater
Gets people to talk onl about themselves
Puts people in grumpy moods and over the smallest things
Gets people to stand too close to others and move into other people's space because they're unaware of how close is too close
gets citizens so stuck on their random thoughts that
they make comments that seem to others llike whopping topic changes
Gets people to use humor at the wrong time,wrong place, or with the wrong person
Gives people too much energy, especially at times when their bodies should be calm. People then find it hard to calm down. The longer Energy Hare-y is in charge of someone's thinking and body, the more active the person gets.
Makes people overly competitive. This Unthinkable likes to hang around activities when people compete- like board games and sports-and get them really upset if they're not doing as well playing the game as they think they should.
Gets people to act mean and bossy towards others
Gets people stuck on their ideas. This makes it hard for them to be good problem solvers and to think about others.
Gets people stuck on their ideas. This makes it hard for them to be good problem solvers and to think about others.
Makes people have huge upset reactions to problems. Glassman loves to tag team with Rock Brain to cause problems all over Social Town. Rock Brain starts by getting citizens stuck on thinking that something has to be done their way, even when it's a small problem. If that doesn't happen, Glassman steps in and gets citizens to have a huge upset about this tiny problem.
Takes away people's ability to ask questions that show interest in learning about another person. This Unthinkable instead gets people to only ask about facts that are intersting to the person asking the question or to ask no questions at all.
Makes people worry too much and see all worries as big worries. Worry Wall is best friends with the new Unthinkable Emotion Commotion who gets people to focus on their negative emotions
Gets a person to move his or her body away from the group the person is expected to participate in, such as in class or a group conversation
Invades people's thinking and distracts them with their own personal thoughts or with things around the room that sudenly seem more interesting than what they're suppsoed to be paying attention to. Brain Eater loves to appear in the morning to make it harder for students to get ready for school on time
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