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Soil prezi

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Dylan Starns

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Soil prezi

why are roots important
Roots are important because they great rich environment for fungi, which are another important part of soil.
Soil prezi
By: Dylan Starns
What is soil
the three problems with soil.
Soil is a combination of weathered rocks, organic materials, inorganic material, and water. 90% of soil is rocks and minerals that have been broken down by weathering and erosion. All of these combine over thousands of years.
The three problems with soil are Soil erosion which leads to soil leaching, the other problem is soil depletion is when there is a lack of plant coverage caused by the effects of wind and water. leaching of nutrients is when due to the fact the fact that there is little plant coverage, the nutrients in the soil sinks to lower layers. Finally soil depletion is when a piece of land is farmed repeatedly robbing it of all its nutrients. instead of using compost to replenish the nutrients most farmers us chemical fertilizers.
C.l.o.r.p.t means Climate, organisms, relief, parent material, and time.
Soil provides plants with a place for growth and supplies plants with nutrition that the plants needs to survive.
#3 roots
What soil provides plants
The four key ingredients of soil
#1 fungi
#2 Bacteria
#4 decaying organisms
How are the A and O horizons different
The A horizon has mineral particles unlike the O horizon and roots grow in the A horizon.
How are the c and r horizons related
The C and R horizons both have bedrock in them.
Sand, Silt, Clay and Loam
Sand has the largest particles of the group with lots of spaces between them so they don't hold water very well and can't support plants well. Silt is very light and gets blown and washed away easily. Clay is to fine and water can't get through it. Loam is a perfect combination of all of them is the perfect soil for plants to grow in.
Summary of soil
Soil is formed by rocks that are eroded and organic material like decomposed organisms. soil is important because it holds all plants in place and gives them the nutrients they need to survive.
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