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Team Ping Spring Final

Spring 2010

Michael Lo

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Team Ping Spring Final

Remote Performance Monitoring Tool Joe Cavazos, Jash Guo, Michael Lo, Nik Maureira Team PING Distributed Measurement, Centralized Control “What we want most, is when a customer calls us, is to be able to measure their user experience.” – Head of European Network Operations 2009 ViaSat NMS Planning Background Common network diagnostic tools are limited

Actual median speeds lag advertised up to 50% i.e. Speakeasy.net, speedtest.net, pingtest.net Data may not represent actual user experience
Test only the computer running the diagnostic, with no knowledge of how other computers are performing Say ISP advertises 8 Mbps, 4 Mbps in reality Creates customer confusion Motivation Schedule tests on any computer
Aggregate all data into a control server
Quantify actual user experience
Analyze and compare differences in many networks Design
Approach Procedural
Flow Results Discussion Conclusion Acknowledgements Professor Ed Knightly - Rice ECE Faculty mentor - knightly@rice.edu
Professor Gary Woods - Rice ECE Senior Design mentor - gwoods@rice.edu
Anastasios Giannoulis - Rice Grad Student mentor - agiannou@rice.edu
Kevin Rennie - ViaSat sponsor and mentor - kevin.rennie@viasat.com Scripts AJAX / Web 2.0 (Nik): time an AJAX request
File Transfer (Joe): average speed per download
Flash (Jash): time to load and play a flash video
VoIP (Mike): measure jitter and packet loss rate Tools used MySQL
TCL Networks Tested Demo
Time! AJAX Request Time-to-Load Test File Transfer Speed Test VoIP - Packet Loss Rate Test VoIP - Jitter Test Flash Test Advertised
44 Mbps
12 Mbps
512 Kbps Actual
12.5 Mbps
2.03 Mbps
157 Kbps Success Story We found discrepancies at a couple TFA field nodes
Notified TFA network technician
Problem resolved Rice Wireless
TFA Field Script Limitations Framework Limitations Avoid 3rd party apps like YouTube and Skype Firefox 2
Selenium 1.0 1st open-source tool of its kind
Tested with multiple networks
Proved its own worth at TFA Wireless
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