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Causes of WWI: Alliances & Secret Diplomacy

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Colleen Xie

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Causes of WWI: Alliances & Secret Diplomacy

Causes of WWI:
Allliances and secret diplomacy THE dUAL aLLIANCE (1879) the promise: austria and germany would provide the other with
military support if one was attacked by russia one would be neutral if the other was in battle
with nation other than russia Russian-turkish war the dual alliance was a
new type of treaty...

*signed during time of peace
*no set time limit

*no country identified
as an enemy
--> european countries
feel paranoia

*kept secret to all but
the signing countries austro-serbian alliance (1881-1895) the promise: to prevent russian aggression in serbia the purpose: to diminish power and influence of russia
in the balkan regions the catch?

Austria would support serbian dynasty if....
she had the power to approve of any political
treaties that serbia wanted to make triple alliance (1882) enemy: france

--> French north
african ambition the terms... Austria and germany promised...

to help italy if...

France attacked, assuming italy was not the agressor italy would assist germany...

if germany were to be attacked by france if war were to come up between austria and russia....

italy would remain neutral. a secret diplomacy by italy... franco-russian alliance was a military convention made
in defence of the triple alliance conditions of this alliance... If France is attacked by Germany,
or by Italy supported by Germany,
Russia shall employ all her available forces
to attack Germany If France is attacked by Germany,
or by Italy supported by Germany,
Russia shall employ all her available forces to attack Germany. if any powers of the triple alliance should mobilize
then at first news of this event
france and russia will follow immediately
without previous agreement necessary the general staff and army of each country
will cooperate fully with the other
when measures as outlined above are taken all information should be communicated
between the two countries neither russia or france will
conclude peace separately this alliance shall last as long
as the triple alliance does allthat has been outlined
will be kept a secret Entente cordiale agreement was made to settle past colonial differences
--> Morroco and egypt an entente is a understanding

not so much an alliance... the basic terms that the two
nations agreed on upon were... a declaration respecting
egypt and morocco a declaration respecting
newfoundland and
west/central africa an agreement that there would be
a mutual appointment of consuls at:
-->st. Johns
-->st. Pierre A Declaration concerning Siam, Madagascar and the New Hebrides anglo-russian entente russia and britain had originally
been on bad terms, however an agreement
was then drawn up Persia would be split into three zones:
A Russian zone in the north,
a British zone in the southwest,
and a neutral “buffer” zone in the remaining land. definitive borders were drawn
and each country could not
interfere with the territory outside their own afganistan was under britain influence ***this agreement was a catalyst to the triple entente! the triple entente basically made up of three bi-lateral agreements russia France britain Franco-Russian Alliance (1894) Anglo-Russian Alliance (1894) Entente Cordiale (1904) This alliance marks a clear change
russian foreign policy... eventually, other countries joined
in the war, as "associated powers" agreed not to make separate peace
treaties with germany or austria the powers fought together until 1917
when russia withdrew from the alliance the end! =) http://germanhistorydocs.ghi-dc.org/sub_document.cfm?document_id=1856






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