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Pulse Connex

New Pulse-to-Web Technology that Connects you to Energy Information

Brayden Automation Corporation

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Pulse Connex

Current Situation
Do you?
Have to wait for the electric bill
before you know the amount of
energy you used and how much
it cost?
Is it difficult to decipher your time
periods of high electric use?
How accurate is your electric bill?
Is it difficult to verify?
How do outside conditions
affect your building?
(like weather)
Lack of
Energy Information
What can you do with a little

about your energy use?
Pinpoint Triggers
Verify Bills
Set Limits
Increase Efficiency
SAVE Money!
Improve Budget
of your
Electric Use
Easy to Use
connect and view 2 sources of
incoming "like-type" pulses
can count: kWh, kvarh, kvah, gallons, ccf, etc
access from anywhere there is
an internet connection
receive text message and email alerts
Easy Installation
just connect the "little white box" to meter and ethernet jack and your ready!
automatically "phones home"
Easy to access Real-Time information- anywhere there is an internet connection
Easy to Interpret
data graphing allows for visual interpretation for easier comprehension
removes the tedious process of sifting through interval data
Immediately view your Real-Time pulse information- 5 second resolution
Pulse Information is recorded and streamed almost instantaneously to your online PulseConnex account
All load profile information is saved on the PulseConnex database located on a major data center server
If internet connection is lost or interrupted, the "little white box" stores data packages for up to 24 hours and will transfer information as soon as internet connectivity is established
How it Works
Install "little white box"
Purchase PulseConnex Account via Paypal
Create username and password for PulseConnex Account
Enter configuration settings for device (meter)
You can now access instant pulse information and take control of your energy use
Connecting you to Energy Information...
because Knowledge is Power
"little white box"
Real-Time monitoring & analysis tool that includes a dashboard, real-time graphing, historical graphing, alarms and reporting
Why PulseConnex?
There are a few dashboards on the market, but most require expensive infrastructure and operating systems.
PulseConnex is truly Plug & Play
requiring only our "little
PulseConnex Is...
Easy to Install and Configure
An Affordable Solution
"Cloud Based" meaning it can
be accessed from anywhere
Provides Instant information
in Real-Time
Simple Design- Easy to Interpret
no need to sift through data, can visually interpret electric use in graph form and pinpoint areas of inefficiency.
Easy to change parameters
Can monitor two items at once-
allowing for comparison
Capable of monitoring many types
of pulse recorded information-
Ex: kWh, kvarh, kvah, gallons, ccf, etc.
Home Screen
Only $25 per month!
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