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Custom Solutions Overview

Okay to share with customers

Taraneh Fultz

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Custom Solutions Overview

Panel fabrication
Spray panel fabrication for a mechanical contractor
Orbital welded assembly
This custom solution is a detailed orbital welded assembly and was made for a Washington customer that manufactures marine instruments used by research institutes, engineering firms, and governmental agencies
Valve assembly
When lead times are critical, we assemble in-house
Weld purge fitting kit
Custom-designed fitting kit to support welding operations with a local mechanical contractor
Simple addition to WOG valve
This custom solution provided an Oregon beverage maker with a more efficient way to transfer their small-batch, organic tea from pot to bottle.
Clean gas distribution manifold
Swagelok Northwest can combine assembled and standard components into a single kit to reduce assembly time and streamline purchasing
Regulator assembly
Gas bottle regulator with check, outlet valve, relief valve and flexible hose
Swagelok tool kit
All your Swagelok tools, together in one easy-to-use kit
Portable pressure test enclosure
Portable pressure test enclosure for a publicly-traded company that designs, manufactures, markets and services chemical vapor deposition equipment, used in fabricating integrated circuits
The Custom Solutions work cell in Portland, OR
Process control applications
An Oregon manufacturer of UL listed control panels partnered with Swagelok Northwest on a municipal waste water project
Semiconductor spool pieces
Rail car accident response kit
Swagelok Northwest partnered with a local fire department to enable remote pressure monitoring
Aerospace production application
Sample bombs
Custom tagging incorporated for increased traceability within this petroleum application
Nineteen technicians spread across our four service locations hold more than 300 Swagelok fabrication certifications combined
Gas sampling panel
OEM valve assemblies
Modular Platform Components (MPC)
This surface mount technology is typically used in analyzer applications and is easy to configure, assemble and maintain
Distribution panel
Custom solution build combines Swagelok and third-party to meet customer specification requirements
Class 1, Div 1 panel fabrication
Manufactured a custom bracket as part of this four-component assembly

Gas distribution utilizing mass flow controllers
Gas distribution assembly
Assembly is used in chemical production
Sanitary assembly
High-pressure pump with distribution header
Modular Nuclear Reactor
Modular Nuclear Reactor
Modular Nuclear Reactor
Bucket #1: Introduction to CSOL
Bucket #2: All things kitting
Bucket #3: Panels, get your panels!
Bucket #4: Assemblies
Bucket #5: Large Assemblies
CAD drawing of welded assembly
MPC drawing
Flush panel
Pressure monitoring panel
Custom assembly
Oxygen/Argon mixing panel constructed for an exotic materials manufacturer
Repeatable high tolerance tube bending for OEM customer
Tube bending
R&D gas panel
Small and simple
Section of a calibration rig
Gas purification skid
Hydraulic pump skid
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