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The 5 Habits of Mind

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Seth Jaeger

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of The 5 Habits of Mind

1. Questions of Evidence
• How do I know what's true?
• What evidence counts?
• How sure can I be?
• What makes it credible?
• How do I know this?
• Is this convincing evidence?
• What more information do I need to understand this problem better or make this decision?
• How can I prove my point?
• Where is the proof?
2. Questions of Perspective
• Who might think differently?
• How else might this look like if I stepped into other shoes?
• Can I look at it from a different direction?
• What if I had a different history or expectation?
• Whose point of view is this?
• Whose point of view is being left out?
• How is my own experience limited here?
• Whose experience or story can help me understand this?
• What do I think?
3. Questions of Connection
What other areas of knowledge are connected?
Is there a pattern?
Have we seen something like this before?
What are the possible consequences?
Does this remind me of anything I have seen or studied? In books, in the news, in my life?
How is this connected to other things?
4. Questions of Supposition
• How might it be different if..?
• Could it have been otherwise?
• Supposing that...?
• What if...?
• What new strategies can I try?
• What would I do if I were in their place?
• What other solutions are possible?
• What the consequences to these solutions?
• Who can help?
• How else can I look at this?
5. Questions of Significance
• How is this an important issue?
• Does it matter?
• Who cares?
• What is the long term effect of this?
• What is the root of the problem?
• Who is affected by this?
• Is there something that is more important that I should be considering?
• How will this affect my life?
• If I step back and look at all of this, what is a new theory I can make?
Scaffolding Critical Questioning
Question Formulation Technique

STEP 1: Produce Questions

Four essential rules for producing your own questions:

• Ask as many questions as you can (Gives License to Ask).

• Do not stop to discuss, judge, or answer the questions (Creates Safe Space and Protection).

• Write down every question exactly as it is stated (Levels the Playing Field So All Questions and Voices Are Respected).

• Change any statement into a question (Insists on the Discipline of Phrasing, Asking, and Thinking in Questions, Not Statement).

Question Formulation Technique Cont'd
STEP 2: Improve Your Questions
• Categorize the questions as closed- or open-ended.
• Name the advantages and disadvantages of each type of question.
• Change questions from one type to another.

STEP 3: Prioritize the Questions
• Choose your three most important questions.
• Why did you choose these three as the most important?

Next Steps
• How are you going to use your questions?

Critical Thinking!
The 5 Habits of Mind
A Framework for Critical Questioning in the Classroom
by: Seth Jaeger, MPA
Scaffolding with Question Stems
"To what degree..."
"In what ways might..."
"In what capacity..."
"To what extent..."
"At what point..."
© The Right Question Institute.
What is the best thing you have ever received for free?
If you had the power to summon one object to your hand from anywhere in the universe, Thor-style, what would you choose?
© School of the Future High School, NYC, Edutopia
© School of the Future High School, NYC, Edutopia
© School of the Future High School, NYC, Edutopia
© School of the Future High School, NYC, Edutopia
© School of the Future High School, NYC, Edutopia
Adapted From
Rigor and Engagement for Growing Minds
Question Generator: https://goo.gl/6NhG3O
The 5 Habits of Mind
Questions of:

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