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Andalucia (region of Spain)

No description

Charyssa Neese

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of Andalucia (region of Spain)

Andalucia (region of Spain) In The Beginning... Settled by the Phoenicians
established a chain of trading posts
Europe's oldest city
1913 Blas Infante
Autonomous Region in 1982 Currency Euro
100 Cents
Up to 500 Euros Public Holidays Andalusia Day
Assumption of the Virgin Mary
All Saints’ Day
Spanish Constitution Day
The Immaculate Conception TOP NEWS Man charged with rape and
murder of young girl. School Students injured by air rifle shots April 7, 2010 April 12, 2010 Climate Warm, Mediterranean climate
mild winters
dry, hot, sunny summers
average 18c Sports over 60 golf courses
first desert golf course in Europe
pony trekking, horse riding, hang gliding, quad biking, tennis etc.
parasailing, scuba diving, wind surfing, jetskiing etc. Food Fish
stews, game dishes, aged pork, vegetables
Andalucian wines = known worldwide. Famous Cities Seville, Andalucia Seville
Costa del Sol
Doñana National Park
Jerez de la Frontera Granada, Andalucia Costa del Sol, Andalucia Cadiz, Andalucia Landscapes 50% mountainous
The Guadalquivir
meaning "Great River
abundance of crops
Over 900 kms of coastline Spain Famous For... Sherry
Andalucian horses
Antonio Banderas Government parliamentary monarchy Population 7 million Culture Bullfighting = Art
Flamenco Music
Ballet and Theater Ouch Religion Catholicism
Holy Week Language SPANISH!!!!! Andalucían National Monuments Alhambra Santa Catalina Castle
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