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My African-American Inventor Project

No description

Noor Huma

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of My African-American Inventor Project

Home Security System
When it was made:
It was made on the day of December 2, in 1966
My African-American Inventor Project
Marie Brown
Marie Van Brittan Brown, Born on October 30, 1922, in Queens, New York,she is an African-American
Inventor, she had also made the
patent number,
3,482,03Albert Brown, her idea came to
life in 1966, then the patent was
granted in 1969, and we still use
her invention today, only a much modern version, but it has also saved many lives, which makes this invention very important to the world, she then died Febuary 2, 1999, in Queens, New York.
Why it was made:
It was made to insure safety, after the tulsa race riot , that started on may 31, then ended on June 1, in 1921, security systems were in high demand, and people just wanted to feel safe in their own homes without feeling insecure.
The home security system, Marie thought of the invention and planned for it in 1966, then it was granted in 1969.
This is our modern home security system
where it was created:
The home security system was created in Queens, New York.
How does it work?:
This was the aftermath of the tulsa race riot
The home security system has a set of 4 peep holes
and a camera that could slide up and down to look
through each hole and whatever the camera would see
would appear on the monitor so you could see if there
is an intruder or any type of danger, also, you could
unlatch the door by using a remote control.
By: Noor Huma
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