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English & Global History

No description

Amos Margulies

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of English & Global History

English & Global History
11th Grade Portfolio 2014
The Moth + The Holocaust

Essential Question #1
How do storytellers craft and tell powerful stories?
Essential Question #2
How could the Holocaust have happened?
1) Amos's Story
2) The Story of the Holocaust
3) Alexa's Story
4) Story Structure Analysis

Being an
in NYC
Thesis & Lens
We will use the lens of
to explain how the Holocaust happened.
Being an
in Albania
Conclusion of Presentation
1) The power of stories.
2) How this connects to our lives today
3) Final profound thoughts
Amos's Story
Economics Slide # 1
Use this slide to set the scene and give
Rising Action
This is where you build suspense!
Our Thesis Revisited
: A failing economy leads to desperation...
desperation leads to finding a simple solution: scapegoating.
: Create a counterargument using other lenses.
Alexa's Story
How Did We Craft These Stories?
We began with a hook.
Amos's Hook
Economic Hook
Alexa's Hook
We used descriptive language and sensory details to set the scene
Examples from:
Amos's Story
The Economic Story
Alexa's Story
Rising Action
We built the suspense of our stories by adding tension and using dramatic language.
Examples from:
Amos's Story
The Economic Story
Alexa's Story
Our rising action culminated in a dramatic
. How did we create this climax?
It all starts with
The Spark
The "Ah-Ha!" Moment
Figurative Language
Examples from:
Amos's Story
The Economic Story
Alexa's Story
What changed?
How are we different? What can we learn?
Examples from:
Amos's Story
The Economic Story
Alexa's Story
Thank you!

Please direct all of your criticism to Alexa.
Your conclusion might include saying something about:
being an upstander instead of a bystander
the power of propaganda
the danger of scapegoating
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