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sarah koch

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of responsibility

By Maddi &

What is responsibility?
Why Having Responsibility is Important
1. Start Wherever you are
2. Choose your Friends Wisely
3. Stop Blaming Others
Steps to Becoming Responsible
4. Learn Responsibility's Major Lessons
-Responsibility is having the duty to deal with something or being accountable, taking blame for your actions
Responsibility strengthens talent and increases the opportunity for long term success.
1) Start wherever you are
2) Choose your friends wisely
3) Stop blaming others
4) Learn responsibility's major lessons
5) Make tough decisions and stand by them
6) Live beyond yourself
-Look carefully at the people closest to you in your life, for that is the direction you are heading
-Stop blaming others, take a good look in the mirror, and take responsibility for you own life.
There are four main lessons to learn to display the kind of responsibility that will make you a talent-plus person.
-Ability to act or decide on your own without supervision
Teaches you to be more mature, which makes you dependable.
Teaches each person that there remains something above and beyond themselves to care about.
-Although your track record may not be the greatest or good up to now, you can change.
-In order to be successful take personal responsibility for your actions and your attitude.
-Show your ability to choose a correct response, no matter what situation you face.
-Responsibility is always a choice, and only you can make it.
-Surround yourself with people who support you
- You will find it difficult or impossible to be responsible when you spend most of your time with irresponsible people.
-Don't make excuses. Don't look for others to blame. Focus on the present and do your best.
-If you make a mistake or fail, find whatever fault you can inside yourself and try to do better the next time around.
Dan Osman
Dan Osman was in his mid thirties and had a daughter named Emma. He was a professional speed rock climber and BASE jumper. He started climbing when he was 12 years old, and became a professional in a short 8 years. After a decade of climbing he began to experiment with free falling, which is when you go bungee jumping but with a climbers rope instead of a bungee cord which doesn't have as much stretch.
Lacking responsibility
He would show up to appointments late or not at all
He would constantly get tickets for speeding, or driving on a suspended license and regularly depended on others to help him.
Was responsible when it came to climbing but lacked responsibility with the rest of his life.
(speed climbing)
(free falling)
Results for the Lack of Responsibility
On November 23,1998 Dan attempted his longest free fall 1,000 feet. He did some intermediate distance jumps all the way up to 900 feet, but then he received a call from his daughter Emma who was crying and worrying about him. So Dan dropped everything and went to see her, when he went back to resume his jumps he was arrested for the the things he didn't take responsibility for such as parking tickets and his suspended license and he spent fourteen days in jail. Until his friend bailed him out and told him that he was going to far with his jumps and that he pushed it farther than it should of been pushed, so they decided to go and take down the rigging and pack everything up the next day. But Dan couldn't resist the urge to break another record. he jumped 925 feet and hastily re rigged everything for his next jump by the time he was about to make his jumpe it was late and the sun was going down and he couldn't really see but he still went. When the sound of the rope going taut didn't sound right his friend knew something went wrong. He went to the base of the cliff where he found Osman dead because his rope had snapped. And this shows that even though he had great talent his lack of responsibility limited his life and eventually killed him.
"Do what you can with what you have, where you are."
-Theodore Roosevelt
1) Recognize that gaining success means practicing self-discipline
2) Finish what you start
3) Know when others are depending on you
4) Don't expect others to step in for you
5. Make Tough Decisions and Stand by Them
During 9-11 Rudy Gialiani had to make many tough decisions very quickly. And whether they were right or wrong, he stood by them. His tough-minded responsibility coupled with strong leadership served the people well during that difficult time.
"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."
-Abraham Lincoln
Easy decisions may make us look good, but making tough ones and taking ownership of them make us better.
6. Live Beyond Yourself
Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, spent the years after his time in the Nazi camps trying to give back to others. He taught as a professor at Boston University, traveled extensively giving talks and sharing the wisdom he gained from his life experiences.
He said, " What I receive I must pass on to others. The knowledge that i have must not remain imprisoned in my brain. I owe it to many men and women to do something with it. I feel the need to pay back what was given to me. Call it gratitude... To learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been there before me, and I walk in their footsteps."
Practicing responsibility will do great things for you. It will strengthen your talent, advance your skills, and increases your opportunities.
It will improve your quality of life during the day and help you to sleep better at night. But it will also improve the lives of the people around you.
Sarah's Example:
When my Grandpa passed away my Grandma was not able to be at home by herself. So my sister and I took on the responsibility to stay with her.
How would you demonstrate responsibility if...
1. It is time to go to bed and you just remembered that your book report is due tomorrow?
2. Your mom is not feeling well and could really use some extra help around the house?
3. You forgot to bring your homework home from school, including the book you need to study for tomorrows test?
4. You lost your mom's expensive diamond necklace she let you borrow?
5. Your parents were out of town, you had a party and the house got destroyed?
What are some other situations where you can demonstrate responsibility?
Remember only you have the ability to have responsibility. Be a person others can trust and count on to do the right thing!
What is responsibility?
What are ways you can show responsibility?
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