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Keys to Success

Quality teaching for the 21st century learner

Kristen Moynaugh

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Keys to Success

Quality Teaching
for 21st
Century Learners:
The “keys” to success ESC: Classroom lessons to learn skills for an unknowable future Respect
Critically think
Divergent thinking
Ownership of own behaviour
Intrinsic motivation
Escape from technology to experience nature
Lifelong learning
How to learn
Understanding not memorizing Lessons relevant to daily life
Individualised relationships with students
Community involvement
Interaction with home life
Respect for culture
Interaction with technology
Joint involvement for each student’s education SPACE: Where connections are always important CTRL: Classroom Management Non-verbal body language before verbal
Balance model: Christine Richmond
Cognitive behavioural theory: Kaplan and Carter
Assertive discipline model: Canter and Canter
No power struggle; do not focus on secondary issues
Non-threatening environment, everyone should have comfort to take risks SHIFT: Teacher behaviour Model behaviour
Classroom organization
Scaffolding for success
Professional development
Flexibility/adaptation to new situations
Learn from mistakes
Awareness positioning
Poker chips for self-esteem
Make explicit instructions, even if thought to be implicit RETURN: Successful satisfied teacher and learners ALL KEYS: Differentiation Content
All learners
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