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Value Proposition Canvas

No description

Roxana Loza

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Value Proposition Canvas

With this model we can define how are we creating value for our costumers
Buses take too long, taking an airplane is expensive and airports are a nightmare, trains don't get you anywhere, and driving by yourself can be expensive and boring.....
negative emotions related to the current traveling solutions...
Planes can be very expensive
They have several limitations
Airports are very time consuming

Pain Relievers
Costumers save money
Costumer Jobs
Here we describe the tasks our costumers are trying to get done, or the problems they are trying to solve.

Functional? Social?....
Value Proposition Canvas
We will look to define:
Costumer Jobs
Products and services
Pain relievers
Gain creators
Costumer Jobs
*Looking for an alternative way of traveling
*Cheaper way of transportation
*More fun and social way of traveling
*ecoFriendly Transport
Costumers want a cheap, fast, fun and eco friendly way of traveling.
Costumers need transportation for several reasons, but they all have limitations.
Let´s take a look

Do not go everywhere
They take a long time to get to their destination

Our gain creators
We provide a new way of traveling
Great level of quality
Cheap, fast, eco Friendly and fun!
We help our costumers save money!!!
It is an eco friendly solution, giving our costumer an added benefit
it is a safe and fast way of travel and it helps you meet new people
New feature in the way of traveling, new way of meeting people
Avoids stressing over money, time, or traveling alone
So overall our product offers a transportation service, that is cheap, comfortable, safe, and eco friendly. And at the same time it provides a social opportunity for meeting people.
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