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Georges St-pierre

No description

jeff austin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Georges St-pierre

Double click anywhere & add an idea Georges St-pierre Georges Chiled hood
Georges did not have a lot of friends.
He learnd Kokashyn Karate from his dad;
he had to deside on becoming a hocky player
or becoming a mixed martail artist. Georges learnd boxing,
and Brazilian ju-jitsu
then his MMA Carrer begain in 2002.He fought in the welter weight division (170 lbs). The UFC After he won his first five fights he had become the UCC champ and he was offerd to join the UFC in 2004. Georges St-pierre was born May 19, 1981, in Saint Isidore, Quebec Cnanada. His first fight was a gainst Karo Parisyan, and then Jay Heiron. FIrst Title Shot In only his third fight in the UFC he got to fight for the vacant Welter weight title angainst Matt Hughes. Back to the title Georges fought five more fights, with some of the best in the Welter weight division. The Battle With BJ Penn Geprges St-pierre and fomer welter weight champ BJ Penn in amazing battle. Georges vs Matt 2 Matt The Terror GSP had his first title defense
agianst Matt the terror Serra The New GSP Georges faught imeadeitly after
his loss
he fought Josh Koscheck Georges St-pierre VS Matt Hughes
The Final Chapter Georges Revenge Georges faught for the title for the third time against Serra this time in Montreal Defending the Title Georges fought Jon fitch
who had won eight strieght fights The Most Well Rounded Fighter Georges St-pierre Trains with martial artists in every dicipline St-pierre VS. Penn Bj Penn was supposed to be Georges' toughest test. Georges got different trainers to see if it could benifet his carrer
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