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FCE MOCK Presentation

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Kathryn Smythe

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of FCE MOCK Presentation

Exam dates
Image by Tom Mooring
FCE Overview Presentation 2017
What is in the exam?
General Info
Students eligible
Teacher fact sheet
How to prep
Where to find past
Students eligible to take the FCE must be at B2 level on the CEF.
TLC Students must be in:
Cycle 4-2
B2 Coaching

This could also include students in Cycle 4-1 who have exceeded expectations in both parts of the annual assessment or students in Cycle 5-1 who have failed the exam by a few points and wish to retake.

Reading and Use of English
1 hour 15 mins
You can find past papers on our wix site as well as links to other support web sites.
This year the ESOL exams are held at ILC France in the 6eme in Paris.

Once the students taking mocks have been indentified and parents informed TLC teachers will be expected to complete a mock formsite available on the PWII homepage the week commencing the 23/01/2017.
27th March
the ESOL Exam sign up deadline.
The exam this year will be:
10th June 2017(Saturday)
Reading and Use of English has 7 Parts with 52 questions. The test focuses on text with accompanying grammar and vocabulary tasks as well as texts with a comprehension focus.
40 mins
14 mins
Writing has 2 parts that have equal marks. Part 1- 140-190 word essay focusing on giving opinion in response to a task. Part 2 - A choice of an article, email, letter, essay, short story or a review. 140-190 words.
Listening has 4 parts and has 30 questions. The students will be required to do multiple- matching, multiple-choice and sentence completion.
Speaking has 4 parts. Students will be asked to engage conversation regarding visual and written materials.
In the MOCK BOOKLET on page 4 there is a complete fact sheet with all this information for easy reference.
TLC HO will be providing speaking test training the Sunday weekend on the

This is for students to be set up into pairs and for 'real life practice' before the exam.
The above FCE MOCK MONITORING CHART can be downloade on saved on the students computer or a copy can be found in the MOCK BOOKLET. This document helps monitor progress and identify weak areas.
The cost in 2017 for the FCE 221€.
Mock 1
- Is to be done in the week commencing the 23/01/2017. This will be a presentation to the student to show them the structure of the exam and the basis of what they have to do. The rest of the exam is done for homework and must be completed by the class in the week commencing 30/01/2017.

Mock 2
- Is to be done in the February break for homework by the class in the week commencing 20/02/2017.
After mock 2, you must look and see what needs to be improved in the
reading section only
and over the following 3 weeks you must work on these weak areas in class.

Mock 3
- Is to be completed by the week commencing the 13/03/2017.
After mock 3, you must look and see what needs to be improved in the
writing section only
and over the following 3 weeks you must work on these weak areas in class.

Mock 4
- After mock 4, you should work on
listening and speaking to help you with the speaking please use this video as help.
The preparation for the mocks is a very important process for both the student and the teacher and must be executed in the following manner, for easy monitoring by TLC HO.
1 hour 20 mins
Students will talk to one another and the examiner.
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