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fifth grade unit

Marla Dentino

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Poetry

Mrs. Hansen's class Student Poetry Scott: Arthur: List Poem Acrostics Leah: Allison: Acrostics Jenna N: "future" "The difference in our lives is not subtle." April is poetry month... Express Yourself! Big Ideas: "my mind a shattered fortress pierced by the arrows of your words" -Estefania #3: Poetry is a form of art with many styles,
often reflecting the artist's environment,
society and culture. The theme of a poem refers to its moral,
lesson, or meaning. Voice and word choice both create tone when writing and speaking. What is the tone (mood) of this poem? How does my own poetry express my
environment, society, and culture? We all have something powerful to say. #1 Words have power; thoughtful use of descriptive words
creates an impact. Welcome to Poetry... In this unit we'll explore different styles of poetry as creative forms of self- expression. Theme is... Tone is... Moral Meaning Message Mood First things first:
Show what you already know Poetry List Poem:
1. Make a list of all the words you can think of
that have to do with poetry (describing words of how you feel about poetry, famous poets, literary devices, poetry styles, etc.)
2. Add more words to your list; be as descriptive as possible
3. Remove words you do not like. Replace them with different words if you choose to.
4. Add prepositions to create some phrases with your words. (Not all words need to be used in a phrase; some words can just stand alone.)
5. Reorganize your words and phrases to turn them into a poem. (This poem does not need to rhyme!)
6. Write your name on your paper please. Poem responses:
1. What do you think is the poem's theme?

2. What descriptive words in the poem gave you clues about its theme? (List at least two descriptive words.)

3. How does the poem reflect the poet's environment, society and culture?

4. Use one or two descriptive words (of your own, or from the poem) to tell what you think the tone is. (Think of what you know about the word "tone.")

5.Draw a picture or a design to express the ideas and or mood of this poem, or your list poem. "Touchscreen" by Marshall Soulful Jones ("Enduring Understandings" of the poetry unit) How does writing poetry help me to
discover my own "true" voice? How does writing poetry
help me to express myself? Lesson 1 environment: the surroundings or conditions in which a person lives

society: the community of people living in a particular community or region

culture: arts & customs (food, clothing, language,
beliefs, way of life) (In other words, the theme is the poet's message.)

We can consider the main idea of the poem and the poet's "voice" to discover its theme. Stay human Art expresses ideas, moods, and feelings. We will experiment with depicting theme & tone through our artwork. #2: The theme of a poem is like the moral of a story. We will also consider... "Poet-tree"
Mr. Schmelling's class "they laughed and they cried" alternative list poem Austin: "I can't forget" Haiku Student Poetry Which descriptive words would best
express what I am thinking/ feeling? hue (n) color or shade Eli Marsh-Juggling Poem Song April 3, 2013 Wild Goose Lounge, Ashland, Or. "Poem" by Langston Hughes
I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem ends,
Soft as it began-
I loved my friend. Poems can be simple yet expressive! Home Poem Schmelling's Class: "I am the music of..." (3 adjectives)
"It moves to the rhythm of..." (descriptive phrase)
"With harmonies that/of..." (descriptive phrase) Hansen's class: "Where I'm From"
I am from (an object from your childhood home)
from (2 more specific objects)
I am from (describe your family)
and (who else? more about family/pets)
I am from (nature)
whose (description of nature)
I am from (two more specific items/objects)
from (name of family member) and (another family member)
I am from (adjective that describes you) and (another adjective that describes you)
and from (something you often do)
from (something else you often do)
I am from (a spirit word or belief)
I am from (family ancestry)
from (food item that represents your family)
and (another food item your family loves)
from (specific family story about a specific person in detail)
and from (detail of another family member)
(one last item that represents your childhood)
I am from those moments (special memories) Always
Clarity You

Expression example: Mindful
rather short

totally Italian
energetic Totally
It's your
Poetry is about
Opening your heart
Expressing yourself
Making art with words Keep it simple... Today's agenda:
-Featured poem read together (chorally)
-Highlight a few descriptive words from the poem "Cranky old man" that you consider unusual, strong, beautiful, vivid, etc.
-Choose one of the words you highlighted, and look up its definition on your ipad. Write the definition.
-Look the word up in the thesaurus on your ipad. Write down 3 words from the thesaurus that have the same meaning.
-Write the original word vertically, then create a simple acrostic poem about that word.
-Create an acrostic poem of your own! You choose the topic. Your words should be descriptive and spelled correctly! (Use the ipad to check your spelling if you need to.)
_Finally, decorate each first letter of the acrostic poem with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or colored sharpies.
-Paste into your portfolio. Why Poetry?? Reading poetry invites me to "take others' persectives." Writing poetry allows me to express my perspectives (how I see and think and feel). Thomas "T-Poe"Varnado "There is silence in a sentence
and it gives the words their meaning.
For a group of words are nonsense
without silence in between.
If the words all touch the others,
they can hardly be a phrase.
Withnospacethecopysmotherswhattheclauseitselfportrays." Haiku... simple, non-rhyming poems that paint a mental picture of something from nature, a feeling, or experience in just 3 short lines.
Line 1: 5 syllables
Line 2: 7 syllables
Line 3: 5 syllables The red blossom bends and drips its dew
to the ground like a tear it falls Full of white flowers Springtime tree praising the light Branches stretch and bend You are here. Haiku poetry originated in Japan. Japan is a very old, very beautiful culture. Does the poem paint a mental picture? Please write 3 haiku poems.

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables Rewrite them onto the circular paper provided and glue them into your portfolio. theme each student's poem "graduation" for example theme (n) a topic of discourse or discussion; a subject of artistic representation. The theme is the topic:
the big idea, what the
poem is about A look ahead... Help T-Poe finish his poem: "Youthful Potential" Final "Open Mic" performance: Graduation List Poem: Hip-Hop Poetry! with D-Tour Survey of famous poets: I see it all around me
Kids who change their worlds
With music, dance and poetry
21st century boys and girls.... "Bust a rhyme!" Cinquain: 5 line poem inspired by haiku Song lyrics as poetry! (a reflection of one of your favorite songs) A "boasting poem"...
show off your simile skills William Shakespeare Emily Dickinson Dr. Seuss Edgar Allen Poe Shel Silverstein T.S. Elliot Ralph Waldo Emerson Mark Twain Robert Frost Langston Hughes "they laughed and they cried" Poetry Portfolios completed share a poem we have not heard yet
(most likely "Youthful Potential,"Cinquain,"
"Hip Hop" or "Graduation List Poem." Options: -Performed live, solo
-in pairs, or in groups (same style of poetry please)
-voice recorded only
-you may add rhythm, dance, body language, dress-up, art, etc.- not required I'd love to get a mic folks!?

Poetry List Poem Don't freak out: as final assessment "How to be Alone" by Andrea Dorfman Let's be kid-friendly, shall we?.. "I can ride my bike like a X games star
I can shoot free throws like Karim Abdul Jabar" Can you write at least 1 more rhyming stanza to represent your generation?? "Floatin' like a butterfly stingin' like a bee
when I'm in the forest I can climb the tallest tree" Brainstorm a list of your skills & talents,
personality traits of which you can be proud;
pay yourself these compliments
as a simile outloud!
List; create phases; make comparisons
gymnastics (soar, jump, reach, balance, leap)

reading (consumin' words & slappin' pages like a lunatic in a fit of rages)

playin' guitar (strummin's to the soul like soup is to the bowl) (pickin' six strings, makin' up things) (for students that are completely caught up...
otherwise you may always "free write" poetry!) "Stay Human" by Michael Franti
Starvation is the creation of the devil, a rebel
I'm bringin' food to the people like a widow
bringin' flowers to the grave in the middle
of a city isolation is a riddle
to be surrounded by a million other people
but to feel alone like a tree in a desert
dried up like the skin of a lizard
but full of colour like the spots on a leopard
drum and bass pull me in like a shepherd
scratch my itch like a needle on a record
full of life like a man gone to Mecca
sky high like an eagle up soaring
I speak low but I'm like a lion roaring
baritone like a Robeson recordin'
I'm givin' thanks for bein' human every mornin'... Aidan:
inspired by "Youthful Potential" "But I understand that humans are molars..we can bite at the Earth and chew at its resources, hurt it and blame it for all our remorses." Riley is indeed... "awesome" Trinity: "never giving up" Acrostics "laughter" "intriguing" "Original" Mikayla: Haiku "I flow lightly..." Swish! "the crowd cheers wildly.." 1. List all the words you can think of about the topic of "5th grade graduation"
2. add words to create some phrases
3. remove any unwanted words
4. reorganize the list to create a poem Hip Hop "I can write poetry for what it's really worth." Quinton: "Boss" "unique" "inspiring" "never gives up" Rubee: "Where I'm From" "brussel sprouts & giant strawberries" "snap dragons"
("snap, snap") "big family" "Every single soul is a poem, it's written on the back of God's hand" -Michael Franti, lyrics Hip-Hop "I can drop down a ramp like a DJ drops a record set." "ballerina that breaks her back" Haiku "a leaf is crimson" Carmen: "Graduating from our childhood.." "..somehow shrunk a bit." Parker: Haiku "to help is meaning" "the iron axe" "..besides Starbucks coffee" Brook: List Poem "middle school I know is more strange.." "and I'm off and away." "and I'm not done explaining.." Atreau: Acrostics "childhood memory" "special part of me" Isabel: "Where I'm From" "I am from a blacksmith on the Lewis & Clark journey" "hyperactive guinea pigs" "energetic and nerdy" Hayden: "Where I'm From" "my great grandpa's
stories of being a cowboy" "sunsets and mountains" "my locket my dad gave to me" Acacia: Haiku "midnight water" "beauty and grace" "imagination" Jenna A: "Where I'm From" "youngest and smallest" "freckles" "goatman" Lola: Haiku "wintertime home" "Lotus" "cuddly calico sweet, purring perfectly" Carly: Hip-Hop "I can leap like there's no ground below me." "shooting
star" Mistaya: free-write "I have a soul" "..fallin' but no one can help" "Thank you fifth grade poets! It's been such a meaningful journey... continue to express yourselves with truth, depth, and the simple wisdom that can only come from a child." -Mrs. D Rebecca: List Poem "bittersweet memories" 1,056 days "a little fish alone in the dark" Jason: "Graduation" "no doubt about" Julian: Haiku "go like swag" Isaac: Haiku "the mountain lion moves silently at night.. leaves at morning light" Elizabeth: Acrostics "living the game" Sophia: free-write "personality and strength" song lyrics as poetry "leave it alone" "talking to myself at night" "be yourself" Julia: Acrostic Jack: "say bye to my friends" "Florida- far away, across the country" "Away" Malia: "Silver tears dripping.." "next year maybe" Lyndsey: List Poem & Cinquains "memories we will always have" Mikaela: Acrostics "epicness" "ability" "Score" Siena: Hip-Hop "powerhouse" & free write "my dance inspirations" "pirhouettes" Annessa: List poem & cinquain " "Leaving, going away..." "summer" Nick: Haiku translated Japenese characters Iyla: free -write "the branches of love sprout fruits of memories" Phoenix: Haiku "Planet Earth turns upside down" Emily: List Poem "fun, amazing, exciting times I've had" "..and most of all my friend I'll have forever" Youthful Potential ""we'll "we'll have to wait and see" Katy P. "Believing" "to be thankful" "to wish" "the setting sun gleams" "spirit" Marla Dentino's 5th grade work sample
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