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Self Concept

No description

hanah welch

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Self Concept

Self Concept
By: Hanah Welch

My strengths skills and limitations:
My strengths are that I am really good at reading and I really like history. My skills are that I am really good with animals and I love to work with four year old kids. My limitations are that if I don't get something and people keep trying to explain it to me and I still don't get it I get very frustrated and when I get really frustrated it is hard for me to focus on the task at hand. Like if I get frustrated on homework it is hard for me focus and then I never end up getting it done until the next day.
My temperament and my core values:
My temperament is that I am a thinker I like to think a lot. My core values are that I am almost a straight A student I really love history I am trying to make friends and once you get to know me I am a really nice person.
How I feel about myself and how this relates to my core values:
I feel good about myself. I really like how I am and I like everything about myself. One good thing that people notice in me is that I am really dorky. This relates to my core values because when I am around 4 year olds I sometimes act dorky.
My self concept:
My self concept affects me at school because I am really well focused when I am at school and when I am at school I really want to get really good grades because I want to pass my classes. At home they are OK. Sometimes I do not want to get homework done because I am not a homework fan.
The other things that has influenced my self concept:
The things that have influenced my self concept is that if I do good at something I sometimes get rewarded and when I get rewarded I feel good

My family:
My family has influenced me the most. My mom helps me out with my homework and my dad helps me with math during the summer, and when my mom and dad pick me up they always ask how my day was and I tell them. And then there is my sister. When I ask my sister Samantha to play with me she sometimes plays with me. She doesn't always play with me. Or some nights she will ask me if I want to play Minecraft with her. And I say yes because I love Minecraft and I like playing it with Samantha.
My family has influenced my self concept:
My family has influenced my self concept by helping me out when I need it and if I am having a bad day then they ask me what is wrong and then I just go downstairs. And I will tell my family that I need some alone time because I am not in the best of moods some days. They contributed by helping me out when I need it and explaining something really well if I don't understand how to do the assignment or we are talking about something and I don't understand it at all. Then I will ask and I will say I don't get it. Or my mom will ask me if I get it and sometimes I say no I do not get it.
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