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Disability at the University of Oxford

Disability issues at Oxford University: Challenges and Opportunities

Peter Quinn

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Disability at the University of Oxford

Disability at the University of Oxford
University employees = 10,086
Employees with disability = 388 (3.8%)
(n.b. Decline to specify = 110)
Figures as of 31 July 2009
What are Oxford doing about disability?

Disability Advisory Service

Equality and Diversity Unit

Assistive Resources Acquisition and Creation Unit (Bodliean libraries)

Careers Service (AS project / placements / disclosure guidance)

Disability Contacts throughout Collegiate University

Working party on disabled students taking in to account student surveys and feedback

Working party on disabled staff following national report (NIACE from compliance to culture change)

SpLD working party

Funding for study support for international students

Mentoring schemes and links (current students with disabilities talking to prospective students)

Disability Awareness Week: week 6 Michalemas term

OUSU vice president welfare

Student videos on Wall of 100 faces

Oxmobile project
Specialist support services for students include:

Mentoring service for Asperger Syndrome (High Functioning Autism).

Mentoring service for severe and enduring mental health difficulties.

Mentoring service for students with chronic conditions.

SpLD study skills tuition.
Pete Quinn

Director of Student Support Services,

University of York : peter.quinn@york.ac.uk

Search: Student Support York

@PeteQYork and Peter Quinn on Linked In
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