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College Life As A Diabetic

New lifestyle, new friends, new challenges....another step in the life of a Juvenile Diabetic!

Sara Kulp

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of College Life As A Diabetic

Welcome prospective and current students! My name is Sara and I am a college student at Penn State University. I have had Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes for 14 years. This site has been created to highlight the important aspects of becoming a college student living with diabetes. Check out some basic diabetes info in case you need to brush up on points you may have forgotten. Learn how to stay active with your new schedule by visiting "Becoming Active". Think you're just stuck with fried cafeteria food? In the "Food Choices and Options", you can explore how to make alternative choices in a cafeteria, or during grocery shopping. It's important to inform your roommate of your disease.Read up on the checklist of guidelines to give them for an emergency. Having a social life in college is NOT impossible. Make smart choices when it comes to drinking, and learn more about how alcohol affects you as a diabetic by clicking on "Social Life/Party Scene". Visit "Tips and Tricks" to make sure you're prepared for whatever college throws your way. Click on the "Links" page to be directed to other helpful organization websites.
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