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No description

Leon Schulze

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Ireland

Ireland Structure : - General Information
- Geography
- History
- Culture
- Nature
- Sources Geography General Information History - Island
- Capital : Dublin
- Area : 70 280 km²
- Population : 4 Million
- 90 % catholic
- rest protestant
- First language is English
- dived into 26 counties Culture Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Ireland
http://ads-vs-reality.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Irland-Ireland-Landscape-Landschaft.jpg - surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean
- is split into Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland Nature - Western landscape consists of cliffs, hills and mountains
- forests, green meadows and 70 % of the land is used for farming - extremely long history
- 7 000 - 300 BC. there were celtic settlers
- 1164 the Roman occupied Ireland and in 1650 the English came to Ireland
- the Irish began to fight
- 19 century it become very hard
- people were repressed by rich English people
- Potato - Epidemic
- tried to emmigrate to America
- many died
- population decreased from 8 to 4 Million
- beginning of ´´The Troubles`
- the Irish never had given up
- in 1922 the UK decided to create an own State of Ireland
- today this conflict still exists Sports :
- Rugby
- Football
- Step-Dancing

- Fans Pubs - Important place for the Irish people
- they meet friends
- spend much of their free-time People :
- very friendly and cosmopolitan
- white skin and red hair Citys Climate :
- sometimes its very sunny
- most time it is rainy and not rally hot Natural Sights :

- world famous cliffs - Step Stones Thanks for listening,

and I hope you liked it. Famous People :

- Pierce Brosnan ( Actor )

- u 2 ( Rockband )

- Chris de Burgh ( Musician)
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