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When I Was...

When I was ... An example of a narrative writing lesson using six traits. 5th-6th-7th grades.

Julie Smalley

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of When I Was...

Writing Use dialogue Description Prewrite Revise Edit Publish Transitions Rough
Draft Process Before I knew it, I was lying in the
weeds flat on my back. Dusty was
half a block away. The corral was just dry dirt, not at all
like the tall green weeds that lined
the sides of the road. Dusty's hooves
kicked up dust as I rode around and
around in a never-ending circle. "Remember! You are in control.
Don't let him run, unless you tell him to," my dad reminded me. Conclusions Even though I still like to
ride, that experience squelched
my burning desire to spend
most of my free time on the back
of a horse. Relevant Facts Dusty was a horse. He was a wise, old, gray
horse. He ate hay and lived in the corral behind
our house. He had been in our family for as long
as I could remember. Ideas Ideas Organization Word Choice Sentence Fluency Word Choice Conventions Is this relevant? Can you picture it? Something new has happened Good word choice! Use proper puncutation Write what you know about! Student Samples Determine
Audience Content Descriptive
Details Details Style
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