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The Phosphorus Cycle

Biology Honors; Period: 7; Kyra, Alyssa, Adam, and John.

Kyra Maples

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of The Phosphorus Cycle

The Phosphorus Cycle Phosphorus is essential to living organisms because it forms a part of vital molecules such as DNA and RNA.
Phosphorus is not found in significant quantities.
Phosphorus is in the form of inorganic phosphate remains mostly on land. Information on Phosphorus: Step One of Phosphorus Cycle-----> As rocks and sediment gradually wear down, phosphate is released Some phosphate stays on land and moves between organisms and soil Third Step in Phosphorus Cycle -----> Plants bind phosphate into organic compounds when absorbed from soil or water. Phosphate moves through a food web. Other phosphate washes into rivers and streams where it dissolves and may eventually make its way to the ocean, where marine animals process and incorporate it into biological compounds. Second Step in Phosphorus Cycle-------> Fourth Step in Phosphorus Cycle-----> Fifth Step of Phosphorus Cycle-----> Five other related cycles Biological- When phosphorus is taken up by primary producers, reused by consumers, and released by decomposing matter
Human- When phosphorus is mines, turned into fertilizer, and applied to crops.
Geological- When phosphates are washed from rock into the ocean.
Chemical&Physical- When phosphorus is washed from rock into the ocean through rivers and streams.
THE END.(: Written by, Kyra, Alyssa, John, and Adam
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