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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

9th Grade English Honors

Lesly Perez

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie Prezi by Patrick Padilla Setting This book takes place in the towns of Wellpinit
and Reardan, in eastern Washington. Wellpinit is where the Spokane Indian Reservation is
located which is where Arnold lives. Reardan is a wealthy white town 22 miles away from Wellpinit.
It is home to the high school that Arnold decides to switch to. This novel takes place during the school year. Era: Modern Era The author creates a mood of hopelessness in this book. The author creates this mood through the setting of the Spokane Indian Reservation, because everyone on the rez has given up in life. They have lost all hope. Quote: "It sucks to be poor, and it sucks to feel that you somehow deserve to be poor...'' "You start believing that you're poor because you're stupid and ugly. And then you start believing that you're stupid and ugly because you're Indian...'' "And because you're Indian you start believing you're destined to be poor.'' p.13 This quote illustrates the hopeless mood by telling us how the Indian people believe that all they can be and will be in life is poor. Main Character The main character in this novel is Arnold Spirit Jr., also known as Junior. Arnold is a 14 year old boy living on the
Spokane Indian Reservation with his family. He has big feet, a skinny body, and lopsided glasses. Arnold also has a stutter and a lisp. The reason why Arnold is different is because he is a hydrocephalic meaning that he is in risk of getting brain damage. Indians on the reservation bully him because he is different from them, but regardless of all his troubles, Junior never gives up. Conflict Resolution Tone The tone of this book is humorous and sarcastic. The author creates this tone through Arnold's writings and sketches. Theme The theme of this book is to follow your dreams and to never give up hope. No matter how many problems life throws at you, never lose hope. I chose this theme because throughout the whole book
Junior never gives up. All the Indians on the Spokane Indian Reservation gave up in life, but Junior followed his dreams despite the negative comments he received. Quote: " I have to prove that I'm stronger than everybody else. I have to prove that I will never give up...'' " I will never quit playing hard. And I don't just mean in basketball. I'm never going to quit living life this hard...'' " I'm never going to surrender to anybody. Never, ever, ever.'' p. 186 This quote shows Arnold's determination and how he will never give up. Arnold/Junior has lived on the Spokane Indian Reservation all his life. Arnold has always been classified as an Indian, but once he went to Reardan he became a part-time Indian. Quote: "I started wearing glasses when I was three, so I ran around the rez looking like a three year old Indian grandpa. "And, oh, I was skinny. I'd turn sideways and disappear. But my hands and feet were huge...'' " With my big feet and pencil body, I looked like a capital L walking down the road. " p.3 Man vs. Self From then on, he couldn't figure out his true identity. He didn't know which tribe he belonged to. Man vs. Society Arnold has always been treated badly on the reservation because of his differences but after he switched schools to Reardan most of the Indians picked on him even more. They called him an apple for being red on the outside and white on the inside. But the white people weren't easy on him either. Some of them bullied Arnold just because he was Indian. They ostracized him from the society. Arnold realizes that he does not belong to one specific tribe. He realizes that he belongs to many tribes such as the tribe of basketball players. He begins to accept his identity. Junior joins the basketball team in Reardan. Unexpectedly, they lose their first game against Wellpinit. Reardan plays Wellpinit again and in this game, Arnold plays with such determination and aggresiveness against his native tribe members. He proved that he was stronger than everyone else because he would never give up. He gained acceptance from both the white people and the Indians after that game. They stopped bullying him. Personal
Response While I was reading this novel, I felt sorry for Arnold because
of all the unfairness in his life. Some of the problems Arnold had to deal with were bullying and discrimination which also still happens in our world today. There are people in our world today that bully others because they are more different than them and there people that discriminate others because they are a different race or religion. The message you should take from this book is that you shouldn't bully or discriminate others because it is wrong. Thank You! Man vs. Self Like everyone on reservation, Junior's family is very poor and have lost most of their hope in life. One day in school, Junior received his geometry textbook. When he looked inside he found his mothers maiden name written inside. Enraged that the reservation was so poor they couldn't afford new textbooks, Arnold hurls the textbook at the teacher, Mr. P, breaking his nose. The school suspends Junior, and during that time Mr. P visits him. Mr. P tells him how everyone on the reservation has given up, except for Junior. Mr. P says that Junior is the only one who hasn't given up yet, which is why he threw the textbook at him. So Junior has to make the important decision whether or not to stay on the reservation. Junior is bullied a lot on the reservation because of his many differences, but his best friend, Rowdy protects him. His best friend, Rowdy, does his best to protect Junior from those that hurt him. Rowdy is the toughest kid on the rez, Mr. P says that Arnold must leave the reservation in search of hope. I think this quote illustrates the tone well because it is funny and light-hearted. Genre: Young adult fiction
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