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Learning Circle - Learning Roadmap

No description

Jean-Louis Marechaux

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Learning Circle - Learning Roadmap

Select your learning activities:
Focus on the right set of activities
Only complete activities that are relevant to your objective

Identify your learning objective(s):
Basic awareness
Installation and configuration
Basic usage
Demonstrate value

Learning Roadmaps
Competency 4
: Learning assets to demonstrate the value of a product
As a
Team Lead
in my organization, I want to identify key product capabilities so that I can conduct a product evaluation.
Competency 2
: Assets to learn how to install and configure products
Competency 3
: Learning assets to understand basic usage of a product
As a
Team Lead
, I want to understand how to carry out activities for day to day usage of the product.
Additional competencies
: Learning assets to support more advanced product usage
As a
System Administrator
, I want to understand how to install the products in my organization.
I am interested in existing demo scripts and reusable demonstration assets.

I will not go through a complete training at this stage.
Installation / Configuration
demonstrable competencies...
the agile way

Understand the agile learning approach
Material for additional competencies may be available:
Mentoring / Training
Deep dive usage
Key Demonstrable competencies
Reap the fruits of your labor
Each learning roadmap helps you acquire demonstrable competencies
Choose competencies to focus on... according to your role
Complete only activities relevant to your objectives
Apply acquired competencies
Learning is an endless journey
Learn through others (social learning)
Learn through experience on projects
Improve your skills continuously
The learning journey is not linear: start with the competency of your choice
Start with a subset of learning activities
Interact with others to support your learning (teammates, forums, blogs)
Select additional learning activities when ready
Basic Usage
I need quick access to simple product information.

At this stage, I am mostly interested in short recorded videos or simple product overviews.
Demonstration / Evaluation
As a
Technical Sales
, I need to understand product capabilities so that I can do a demonstration for a client.
Learn iteratively and incrementally:
As a
Technical Sales
, I need to understand installation and configuration aspects of the products. It helps me answer questions from my clients.
Advanced learnning assets may help you acquired more advanced competencies:
Mentoring / Training
Deep-dive usage, consulting
As a
Technical Lead
in my organization, I need to acquire skills so that I can use the product during a workshop with my team.
As a
Technical Sales
professional, I need product knowledge so that I can deliver PoTs or training to customers.
As a
, I need in-depth technical knowledge so that I can help my clients who are having problems with the product.
As a
Product Specialist
in my organization, I need to support the different teams that are using the product for their projects.
As an
IBM Technical Support Specialist
, I need in-depth technical knowledge to solve problems raised by IBM customers.
Different roles, different needs
As a
Technical Sales
, I need to know the key product features that can be used for a simple scenario.
Basic Usage
Demonstrate Value
Additional Competencies
Competency 1
: Assets to learn about key concepts of a products
As a
, I want to understand the value proposition of an offering before I talk to an IBM Sales Representative.
As an
IBM Specialist
, I need to review core product capabilities in order to explain to my clients how to achieve their business objectives.
Install & Config
Basic Awareness
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